Everton’s January transfer window driven by regulations or pure financial sense?

There has been much talk in the media both locally and nationally regarding Everton’s ability or willingness to acquire new players during this January window.   Brands commented at the Annual General Meeting on the unlikelihood of doing business in the January window and in his most recent pre-match press conference, Marco Silva  was quoted […]

Knowing your customer/fan – moving out of the dark ages

Football’s approach to “knowing your customer” lives in the dark ages. Generally, most clubs have no basis for optimising revenues from across their customer and fan base. I’ll argue some clubs, Everton included, could be accused of not knowing their product either. Football is almost unique in business in that each club is almost entirely […]

The role of a Sporting Director and why Everton need one.

Let’s start with the need first. It’s my belief that a sporting director is needed for many reasons, not only at Everton but among all clubs with the ambition to succeed. It’s needed at corporate and shareholder level, and most importantly needed for sporting performance reasons.   Too big a role? With the size of […]

The harsh reality of Everton’s competitive position

It has been commonly accepted by almost all parties that since the start of the Premier League Everton’s financial performance has lagged that of its one-time peers. Before doing the research I would never have believed the extent to which the lag has created a situation that is almost inconceivable to bridge in the future. […]

The commercial challenges facing Everton (part 1)

In our most recent #EvertonBusinessMatters podcast we looked at the commercial performance of Everton relative to the 6 clubs (our peer group) currently dominating the financial and footballing tables. In the podcast we gave the headline figures in £m for commercial revenue generation as follows: A health warning – these figures will rise significantly for season […]

Turning the tables on the Premier League “big 6”

Much has been written and spoken about recently on the attempt by the “big 6” to grab more of the seemingly ever increasing broadcasting revenues paid to the Premier league clubs.   Backed by Richard Scudamore, Premier League Executive Chairman, and somewhat incongruously Everton, West Ham United and Leicester City the “big six” attempted to […]