I’m a life long toffee, my family’s involvement goes back to the very first game played at Goodison in 1892, and through thick and thin we’ve been there pretty much ever since.

Most of my writing concentrates on the business side of football, the aim being to obviously express my own views of what goes on off the field at Goodison but also to develop further understanding of the business of football in an interesting and informative way.

Aside from here, articles are published on The Observer Grandoldteam, Liverpool Echo , The Blue Room and Futbolgrad  plus a number of other sites.

In addition I’ve talked about Everton on several media including BBC 5Live, Call Collymore, BT Sport and several podcasts.

Everton Business Matters

Started in May 2017, EBM is an increasingly popular podcast hosted by The Blue Room which examines in detail the off-field activities of Everton Football Club. EBM is co-presented by Rodger Armstrong and John Blain.

Football Business Matters

Continuing the theme, Football Business Matters (@footballbm on twitter) examines and comments on business matters across football

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There is a Contact page, or alternatively email; paul@theeesk.org


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