Everton Business Matters Podcast

Hosted by the great guys over at The Blue Room  – John BlainRodger Armstrong and myself produce a series of Podcasts entitled Everton Business Matters.

As the name suggests we focus on the off the field activities, rather than  on pitch content. John and Rodger are life long blues, as passionate as you can get, yet through their professional and business careers can offer a unique insight into the off field activities of Everton Football Club.

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Everton Business Matters in the media

As Everton Business Matters becomes more widely recognised, each of the presenters have been asked to comment on Everton related matters. The external  media pieces can be found here

Links to the individual podcasts appear below:

Everton Business Matters Episode 17

In this episode of Everton Business Matters the Fun Boy Three of John, Paul and Rodger review the club General Meeting that took place at the Philharmonic Hall on January 9th 2018.

The guys explain the proposed new funding arrangements for the Bramley Moore stadium, the fantastic partnership with Liverpool City Council and the financial performance of the business now and going forward.

Everton Business Matters Episode 16

It’s a new year but it’s the same old Fun Boy Three as they start 2018 with a review of Everton’s Annual Report & Accounts and comment on the food for thought they provide.   Additionally they look forward to what should be an exciting Annual General Meeting when they anticipate more good news.

Everton Business Matters Episode 15

In Everton Business Matters Episode 15 the fun boy three discuss the period of transformation that our Club is embarking upon, and not just off the field as John, Paul & Rodger discuss the hands-on behaviour of Farhad Moshiri and what it means in the short and medium term.

They also discuss the huge benefit that will flow from the Club putting the Fans at the heart of everything we do and the criticality of delivering effective and regular communications. In an up-beat episode the guys enthuse about their confidence in the positive future we should all look forward to enjoying.

Everton Business Matters Episode 14

In Everton Business Matters Episode 14 the fun boy three debate the huge potential that is available to our great football Club. We have a billionaire shareholder, we are aiming to exploit the window of opportunity that’s open to us and sometime soon we will announce perhaps the most exciting stadium project in Europe.

These are critical and exciting times and John, Paul & Rodger confront the challenges around the stadium project and the difficult decisions facing the board with the most immediate of those being the appointment of our new manager.

Everton Business Matters Episode 13

If you don’t mind me saying so, our best podcast to date.

For this episode they’re joined by Dave Downie, who for one night only hosts the programme and will be asking the questions and seeking to put the Fun Boy Three on the spot. More than ever the off-field activities are top of the page at our great club with everything from management decisions to the Paradise Papers being debated.

Everton Business Matters Episode 12

Six months have elapsed since the very first edition of Everton Business Matters was published on The Blue Room and in this episode the Fun Boy Three of Rodger, John and The Esk review how much off-field progress has been made at the Club. Additionally, and with major contracts rumoured to be changing they debate what our future might bring, what needs to improve and just who is going to pick our new manager.

Everton Business Matters Episode 11

In episode 11, John, Paul & Rodger explain the dramatic improvements Everton must make in commercial revenue generation in order to compete and win at the highest level.

This is a must listen, in order to comprehend the scale of the commercial challenges facing Everton Football Club

Everton Business Matters Episode 10

In this podcast John, Rodger and Paul are joined by two globally recognised commentators Gabriele Marcotti and Daniel Geey to discuss in detail UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations.

During a fascinating hour, our listeners will hear what FFP is all about, whether it is working as intended and why Everton could be one of the few clubs able to exploit the rules in a way that is done with the blessing of UEFA and takes our great club to the next level.

Everton Business Matters Episode 9

In this edition of Everton Business Matters the Fun Boy Three that are Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk explore off the field Leadership.

They confront the challenges facing our great football Club and give their views on how the Board should be structured, what skills and attributes it needs and how it should behave.

Everton Business Matters Episode 8

In the latest episode of Everton Business Matters, the Fun Boy Three (Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk) give us an update on financing options including Everton’s deal with the world’s largest bank. They also discuss the club’s trip to Tanzania and whether or not we’re getting the best global return from current merchandising opportunities.

Everton Business Matters Episode 7

Rodger Armstrong, The Esk and John Blain return for a special edition of Everton Business Matters to discuss the arrival of Wayne Rooney at Everton from a non-playing perspective.

Everton Business Matters Episode 6

In this Everton Business Matters podcast,  we return to discuss Everton’s communications in detail. We identify key stakeholder groups, define a strategy and structure whilst calling for a greater engagement from the club’s hierarchy.

Everton Business Matters Episode 5

In Episode 5 of Everton Business Matters, Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk discuss the value of branding at Everton both as a part of its history and important it is now and in the future.

Everton Business Matters Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Everton Business Matters, we return to talk about the financial importance of European football and the incremental value of good branding. We also discuss how much income can really be generated from the Europa League and the cumulative impact of regular European competition

Everton Business Matters Episode 3

In Episode 3 of our Everton Business Matters podcast, Rodger Armstrong, John Blain and The Esk discuss and debate Everton’s off-field talking points in two parts:

  • Will regulations restrict how much Everton can spend and does it impact the transfer window?
  • Non-broadcast revenues, their importance and how to increase them.

Everton Business Matters Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Everton Business Matters podcasts, The Esk, John Blain and Rodger Armstrong address a number of the club’s current affairs including:

  • Ross Barkley’s contract
  • Alisher Usmanov’s next move
  • SportPesa kit sponsorship
  • Financial Fair Play and the impact on summer recruitment

Everton Business Matters Episode 1

In  the 1st episode of Everton Business Matters, The Esk, Rodger Armstrong and Chairman of the Shareholders’ Association, John Blain, debate all of Everton’s off-field business including:

  • Farhad Moshiri – what’s next?
  • Transfer strategy and prospective spend
  • The role of the academy
  • Bramley Moore
  • Commercial development
  • Board composition
  • View of the shareholders
  • Bridging the gap to the ‘big 6’