Everton Business Matters, Series 3 Episode 10 – with John and Tom……

John and Tom explain Paul’s absence and why this podcast is a week later than when the original ‘recording’ was done. Despite that they engage in candid debate around furloughing, how can owners get it so wrong, the C-19 impact on The People’s Project, player acquisition and just when will this season end and the next one start?

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As ever, stay safe!

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  1. Hi Guys, just finished listening to the latest podcast, very entertaining, and interesting to hear the different viewpoints of you both (minus Paul) this time. They say opposites attract, and the thing about podcasts is you never quite know the age/backgrounds of the contributors, which actually makes it more entertaining.

    But I guess that Tom is quite young with John more mature I guess, judging by the backgrounds? Tom’s ‘wrap up’ speech near the end was almost churchillian in it’s delivery, which I guess accounts for his theatrical past?

    Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I didn’t share all of the optimism surrounding the new ground delivery schedule, which I think will now be delayed/shelved for the forseeable future, or at least until the economic climate improves in the UK and globally.

    Anyway, best wishes to you both and stay well.

    Steve Hogan

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