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Talking the Blues podcast features three avid Blues, George Costigan, Andy Costigan and myself. Most weeks we aim to have a look at the previous week’s games and have a bit of fun along the way whilst also bringing many years of life’s experiences as a Blue and elsewhere to our wide ranging discussions about Everton, football and other matters.

We hope you enjoy it, and feedback is very welcome.

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Talking the Blues, West Bromwich Albion (H) match review and a squad within a squad

Talking the Blues – Tottenham Hotspur (a) Ancelotti and his Consigliere take control

Talking the Blues Bem Vinda Allan, Ancelotti in control, Preston NE (h), more chat and finally predictions

Talking the Blues Podcast, Ancelotti’s men, Bramley-Moore, George’s finances and spin bowling

Talking the Blues – Blackpool (a), Sigurdsson, Ancelotti, DBB letter and the quiz!

Talking the Blues where we discuss global audiences, dress codes, re-branding and a commitment to excellence

Talking the Blues – a summer chat featuring redundancies in football, wage caps, how we keep our best players and “the quiz”!

Talking the Blues, players & social media, VAR, Eddie Howe, when will we do business & why are transfer fees “undisclosed”?

Talking the Blues, the end of the season thankfully…. review of the players, Leighton Baines and a look forward…..

Talking the Blues, end of project restart looms, the transfer window & the quiz!!

Talking the Blues, Jackie Charlton RIP, commentators and the Wolves match

Talking the Blues – post Spurs match analysis, not complimentary but worth listening to George re Lamela

Talking the Blues – Spurs preview, how much did the PL pay agents? Richard Masters before the DCMS select committee & the quiz….

Talking the Blues – midweek special, Norwich v Everton, Tom Davies and the usual wide ranging chat

“Hey mate, where’s King’s Drive?”

Talking the Blues Podcast – Close contact, telling the truth, George & Kylie Minogue

Talking the Blues, goalkeepers, project re-start, a quiz and plenty more….

Talking the Blues Podcast – Boots, Hummel, Glazers & their dividends plus a bit of Spring Watch

Talking the Blues podcast – season ticket rebates, the Premier League, custodians? Colin Harvey & the best tackle…..

Talking the Blues podcast – Moise Kean, agents, looking after players, the Bundesliga & the Saudi takeover of Newcastle

Talking the Blues, Right backs, Norman Hunter, the 2009 FA Cup final bench, Puskas and a bit on players wages…..

Talking the Blues podcast; a world of football with much less income?

Talking the Blues podcast, the PFA, furloughing, cricket, football films & Izal

Talking the Blues, the Simpsons, a different football? Neymar and Ally Mcleod

Talking the Blues, Chelsea (a), Alan Green & Harry Catterick

Talking the Blues – Manchester United (h), Ancelotti’s pragmatism, that goal & the paper that can’t be named

Talking the Blues Watford (A), the winter transfer window, gambling & what sets Ancelotti aside as a winner

Talking the Blues – West Ham (a) Newcastle United (h) & the Graeme Sharp appointment

Talking the Blues, Brighton & Hove Albion (h) & the upcoming General Meeting

Talking the Blues – A cathartic look at Liverpool ((a) – FA Cup 3rd Round) and the challenges facing Everton

Talking the Blues, Burnley (h), Newcastle (a), changing fortunes & taking advantage of the opportunities before us

Talking the Blues, Arsenal (h), Ferguson, Ancelotti, Brands, our penalties record & racism in football

Talking the Blues, Manchester United (a), Duncan Ferguson, Kean & the Ancelotti rumours

Talking the Blues, Chelsea (h), Duncan, the candidates & lots more

After one of the most tumultuous weeks in Everton’s most recent history full of the greatest ups & downs Andy & George Costigan get together with me to go through the week and try & look forward.

We talk briefly about the events at Anfield then analyse the events thereafter including an incredible performance by Duncan Ferguson who surpassed every expectation of him.

Talking the Blues, Leicester (A), Silva, Brands comments & favourite Derby match

We talk in detail about Marcel Brands comments on Friday and what that possibly means for Silva’s future. We discuss whether or not Brands’ comments represent some form of leadership that has been oh so absent from Everton for such a long period of time.

Finally we talk about our favourite derby matches including Blues willing on Rush to score in an Anfield derby!

Talking the Blues, Norwich (H) Silva, the board, the DoF, Lukaku & more

We dissect the disastrous weekend, talk about Silva, the board and the club and try and come up with explanations. As ever objective with a touch of humour

Talking the Blues, the women’s derby, Gylfi’s penalties, Inverness Caledonian Thistle plus football & alcohol

This week’s podcast looks at the Everton Women’s team win at Anfield, discusses Glyfi’s penalty record, a match report from Inverness Caledonian Thistle and talks about the sensitive issue of alcohol and football

Talking the Blues; Southampton (a),the academy, DOF, leadership & other stuff

After a much needed win over Southampton we have a review of the game, then we turn our attention to the academy, the role of the DOF and the opportunities for youngsters to come through.

Andy uses the NFL show to demonstrate the importance of leadership and we talk about marketing briefly…..

Talking the Blues; Spurs (H), VAR, why do we start so “flat” & the board’s Whatsapp group…….

Andy Costigan and George Costigan pick over the bones of one of the most horrific Goodison matches in living memory.

We try to analyse what is going wrong with VAR and what needs to be done to fix it quickly (assuming the Premier League don’t withdraw it). We talk about the motivation of the players and we discuss the conversations that must be going on at board and majority shareholder levels.

Talking the Blues – reaction to West Ham (H), how we became Blues, heading & Bill Kenwright

A much happier set of supporters after a vastly improved display against West Ham United at Goodison. We talk about “freedom and being able to express themselves”.

We also have a trip down memory lane talking about how we became Blues. Nat Lofthouse gets a mention. We look at the latest findings on the potential dangers of heading a ball and finish with a discussion about Bill Kenwright.

Lots of forthright opinions and a few laughs along the way – thanks as ever for taking the time to listen to us, comments most welcome.

Talking the Blues – looking for solutions

It’s a couple of days after results conspired horribly against the Blues, albeit we should never forget ultimately we are responsible for our performances and position in the Premier League.

In this podcast Andy, George and myself look at solutions, name our favoured formation and the players who should fill each position.

In addition we look at the role of Brands, is he responsible for any decisions taken regards Silva, in terms of timings and replacements?

Finally, in the absence of Everton playing next week we each chose a complete game from any time in Everton’s history that we’d sit down and watch over the weekend.

Talking the Blues – where do we go from here? (Manchester City home reaction)

The league table seldom lies.

After a third successive League defeat, Andy, George and Paul try to put their finger on why exactly we as a club are not performing to the levels to be expected. Why are so many players out of form? Alongside tactics and formation, something has to change and change quickly……

Talking the Blues – our early season form

I got together with Andy Costigan to discuss our season so far, so enjoy a gentle reflection on the early part of the season and a discussion on VAR.

Talking the Blues – podcast, post Watford (h) game 2

First home game of the season, amazing pre-match atmosphere, very good first 30 minutes, a struggle thereafter…. I get together with Andy & George to mull over Saturday but more importantly look ahead.  How do we get to 70 points? As ever feedback most welcome.

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