Talking the Blues podcast, Manchester City (h), new owners & the need for change post season end

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with George and Andy Costigan.

We look back on the City game, talk about City’s impact on the game generally and our lack of competitiveness, how it makes us feel as Evertonians.

*edited to correct interpretation of  Guardian article re Hertha Berlin

We then look ahead to the immediate challenges facing Everton as the season ends, regardless of survival or relegation, exploring how it seems impossible for Moshiri not to have to sell his stake, and whether new owners, possibly 777 will make a difference.

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  1. Great listen again even though the 2nd half of the podcast is sounding a bit familiar. Although I agree to a point with what was said about city being boring. As I’ve aged I now appreciate what the opposition does and watch other games, as a neutral. I found city’s defending excellent and even though it was tedious at times the way they stopped our attackers and controlled midfield had to be admired. The only really chances we were going to get was set pieces, which we didn’t do well on Saturday and long range shots, which we also never did at all. I thought Pep surprised with his team selection and made the right decisions throughout. You have to have them as the blueprint of where we want to get to, albeit with a bit more entertainment if possible 🙏

  2. Totally agree with everything you say in this episode, Paul. I just hope you are right about Moshiri needing to sell the club. Any new owner cannot be worse than Moshiri, but they need to be demonstrably better. The fresh start is required urgently, and the new culture should be embedded right across the whole club when we move into BMD.

  3. Hi fellas,
    So much to discuss but I’m sticking to 777 😂.

    I’m going to try and be positive about 777 until such time as there is evidence to the contrary. I have quoted this to Paul just recently but I’m sure he was already aware – 777 are seeking to acquire a portfolio of investment that is expected to be worth in the region of £350 billion. How they actually achieve that from where they are right now is anybody’s guess but since their inception in 2015 (albeit they had previous relative experience to draw on), they are moving rapidly across the globe securing major investment in football teams in South America and across the major European leagues. One report muted that this multi club purchase is the next gen approach to sports investment so we shall see if that works out.

    We should rightly be cautious of them but beyond that I’m not sure how we can change what appears to be imminent. Once again, we will have to rely on what passes for due diligence by the footballing authorities to ensure they are worthy owners.

    What we should be looking at from them immediately is a very transparent and instant club manifesto for the next 5 -10 years. A clear vision of what is required with the investment in financial terms and expertise to back that up on and off the pitch.

    IMO – That is the only demonstration we as fans should accept. And that is the only thing that would once again “level up” our ongoing commitment to the club because without us, it is nothing. For me, it is the only demonstration of faith and determination that is worthy of our support. I say that because we have a multi billionaire owner who has already shown us how not to do it and has taken us to the brink of collapse.

    Of all the descriptions, permutations and talk of how and what we need to do, and what others must do, I think Paul has eloquently summed up the next two weeks perfectly – just match or do better than the two other remaining teams still in the fight and we are safe.

    Then I suspect the heat will be turned up to scorcheo and our summer will be spent speculating who goes, who stays and who comes in right across the club at every level.

    Finally. I look forward to the days when podcasts and social media are all about the lousy Lino for that offside decision and berating the opposition for that deliberate foul – you all know what I mean I’m sure.

    Great podcast fellas, keep it up, we are nearly there 👀😮‍💨🤞👏👏👏



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