Talking the Blues podcast, Wolves (a) & the ramifications of the next week in Everton’s history

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast in which we look back at the chaotic game at Wolves – possibly the least structured professional game any of us have ever seen. We then look at all the ramifications of the next week, interrupted by Andy feeding his ducks…… The usual combination of light hearted and serious stuff.

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  1. I think with Sharpie and Grant they are executive directors who also have full time jobs at the club they both have families mortgages etc so I don’t think we can expect them to resign . The same with DBB but she is a bit different as she is in a far more high profile job than them and does make a lot of the decisions

  2. The difference between Toney and Tony is that along with 2 of his other colleagues bet on there own team to lose a game Toney didn’t do that and if Tony , Bronco and Swanny had done the same now it would have been a different outcome

  3. OK so now we know what is required its down to the “Holy Trinity” of Dyche, players and fans for Sunday.
    With Paul in the UK and in attendance I’m looking forward to the first ever Talking the Blues “Roadshow Edition” recorded post-match in The Winslow.

  4. Hi fellas,
    R & A used to be related to Golf – Royal & Ancient and not Relegated and Administrated!!! I had to steer clear of the kitchen knife draw during that section.

    We are in such dreadful times that a billionaire comes along, spends £750m, creates the dream of a new stadium and yet runs the very real risk of seeing this club put into administration. You really wouldn’t bother writing that story because nobody would believe it.

    Other than that, I’m with every other EFC fan and just trying to remain calm and process the dozens of variations so we can prepare for next Sunday. Now that Leicester have played it makes Paul’s previous statement all the more true. We have to match or better two teams than are currently below us because they deserve to be and they are every bit as poor as we are.

    Like many I feared that W.H might be distracted but as it turned out it was N’castle that actually disappointed me. Despite hitting the post 3 times and dominating the game completely, they never looked to me to get out of 3rd gear. But that’s their choice to make. We could only watch on and prey.

    I can’t see Leeds getting the result they would need to overtake us so it might once again be down to David Moyes to get something V Leicester and help save his old club.

    That guarantees survival and we can all come back next week and talk NEXTGEN EVERTON.

    For the last rally call…..COYB, NSNO and for the older listeners – THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP EM!!!!

    PS. Paul – Main Stand, Row T, just Gladys St side of halfway line, backs to the EFC wall (literally), I’ll see you up there. I’ll be wearing a blue rose and carrying a copy of Accountancy for Beginners.




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