Talking the Blues, Everton down under, what we do in the rest of the break & fan engagement

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with Andy and George Costigan.

Andy relates his experiences of staying up through the night to report on Everton’s match against Celtic in Sydney before we examine Lampard’s post match comments. We look at what needs to be done upon returning home, a critical period before 3 very winnable matches over Christmas and the New Year.

Following the request to the club for a representative to appear on this podcast, we get into a discussion on fan engagement, including drawing up questions for the club to answer…..

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  1. I went to the Brazil world cup match at Goodison in 1966 – you may remember it as the match they ‘got’ Pele – all deliberate of course. It was then that I decide that professional football was corrupt.

    It’s even more so now – if you cannot see that or have it as part of your analysis of what’s going on at everton now – then your not as good at analysis as you think.

    It’s very difficult listening to your podcasts – energy draining in fact – football as part of the wider entertainment industry is not interested in your views, you are merely folk attending the ritual and so long as that continues, they will be happy. In light of the vast amount of wealth (money laundering) which of course you do not share – you have two options – stick with it and shut up or get out now and save yourselves – your choice

  2. As a footnote, you are aware that they are using AI during the present world cup aren’t you?

    Apparently, so the claim goes, there’s a gizmo in the ball that is feeding info all the time to the authorities. So, when an offside is given for example, no matter the real positions of the players when the ball is kicked, the gizmo goes into action working out all the angles and determines where each player is (all modelling of course) – the decision of the AI overrules what is the reality is in fact.

    You may also be aware that they have added on at least one whole games worth of time (around 100 minutes) due to the extra measures being implemented to stop time wasting – wonderful game this!

    There’s no wonder Bill doesn’t want to talk to you – he doesn’t have to, to him you are just fodder!

    The ‘authorities’ are ‘training’ everyone to accept AI as the arbiter for life and football is being used, amongst a whole host of other things, to achieve it – just sayin’ like!

  3. thanks Paul – i’ve often wondered whether you guys engage with folk here – i could say a lot more!!

    Why do you think they call it Artificial Intelligence?? – because it is!

    I’m recovering from a bad spell of bronchitis so tonight, just to pass the time, I had my dinner in front of the telly to watch Brazil cos I happen to think Richarlison is a decent kid, has guts and I wish him well. Nobody passed to him and so he has dug out 2 goals for himself only to be replaced by Jesus – need I say any more!!

    Everton obviously could not compete with his verve, tenacity and honesty and desire to do well so they sold him for a derisory £50M – bet he’s worth £200M now – what does that say about Everton???

    I don’t care anymore – football is a great game in itself but the professional version is not for me, even though I realise that having had a knee replacement several years ago I could still do better than Neymar – he’s always been crap!

    I do believe you guys are sincere even though I present you with some challenges – I’m aware of your enduring contribution over the years, including the constant harassment and denial by, lets face it, people who cannot/ do not want to think for themselves. I don’t know where you guys go from here, because having opened the can of worms it is difficult to close it again …. the game is not yours now, if it ever has been.

    I remember getting to the ground early, always walked there, to get our favourite place on the halfway line in Goodison Road, as in your header picture,and watching Derek Temple arrive carrying his raincoat over his arm and chatting to folk along the way. I even confess to standing on Fred Pickering’s foot when in chat with him outside the ground, he was dapper in his suit and what appeared to be extra long winkle pickers … take care fella

    • Thanks Keith, really appreciate those words. Apologies for not replying to your contributions earlier. Thanks for listening and responding, it is really appreciated. Your points are always interesting.
      Lovely story about Fred Pickering 😁

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