Talking the Blues podcast, the constant need for money

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues with Andy and George Costigan. In this week’s episode we look at money. Not the dry (boring for many) accounts but an honest discussion on the impact of money in the game and particularly for match going supporters. Clubs are desperate to increase revenues in the ongoing battle to throw more resources at playing squads and for all fans that can only mean one thing – the cost of watching football in the stadium is only going to keep rising.


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  1. Sorry I posted before I wrote, great episode again . We really are in a grim position ATM , when you see how Nufc have handled their takeover it’s seriously sobering

  2. my curiosity lead me to listen to this, oh dear!
    You’re not gonna like this …
    1.despite the critique that is made of EFC by one of you guys you are still up for buying a season ticket for next season – what kind of dissonance is that then????
    2. the men’s game of football is deliberately being infiltrated by women – players, referees, commentators and analysts etc etc – can you not see this for what it is – and it is not ‘equality’ it is deliberate disruption of our culture – why do you reckon that is??
    3. i’ve listened intently to a number of podcasts and they all end gloomily – rightly so because EFC is a basketcase, which you all still support – why??
    4. I have already suggested that EFC (indeed all sport) is a cult and all the necessary things are in place, rituals, for that to be the case. Supporters mistakenly believe they might be able to change things from within – you learn the hard way that it is not possible – so you remain in an abusive relationship as it’s the only ‘one’ you know, born into it indeed!! This is your failing because you cannot change a cult from within. To remain sane you have to exit the cult. The ‘facts’ as you state are not undermined by my comments, in fact they are supported further because none of them are ‘new’ just uncovered and almost predictable to those with insight
    5. Guys, you have to work really hard to discover for yourselves what is wrong with sport not just football and not just EFC – try this –


    I wish you well but I cannot continue to comment at such a level of dissonance, you have to get real and look after yourselves human-wise …! It’s not the hope that kills, it’s the ignorance.

  3. Hi I only just caught up on this episode and wanted to comment on the last few mins when you mentioned about the club responding to you. I think you said that you weren’t being aggressive or something like that. Actually that’s what we need at the club. Someone running the club that from a business point of view, has an aggressive and dynamic outlook. I think the buzz word is robust. The Kenwright years are all but done. His philosophy running the club was at its peak with Moyes but we had that ‘glass ceiling’. Moshiri said all the right words when he arrived and to be fair BMD will be his legacy, yet his participation has been (choose any words from many) disasterous, weak, passive, and (apart from BMD) without a plan. Him and Kenwright and a few others at the club, recipie for failure. We reap what we sow. An aggressive new owner with an aggressive plan to turn the club in to a powerhouse is what we need (easier said than done). To continue the same as we have done by not changing the board the chairman etc is negligent by the ‘the club’. Hardly surprising there is such a disconnect between the fans and the hierarchy. The many fans that are fooled to thinking all is good. Wasn’t sure now if it was Andy or you saying ‘a challenger club’. The people in place at the club should be ‘charged’ with the responsibility to make Everton at least a challenger club, if they are not capable of that they should be replaced immediately. The problem is the current custodians are deluded, extremely comfortable, and have lowered expectation so much that being in the PL is what it’s all about for Everton Football Club.

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