Talking the Blues, Bournemouth (x2), the fear bubble & colonic irrigation

Welcome to the delayed Talking the Blues, with Andy & George Costigan. We look briefly at the Bournemouth games before looking much widely at the issues surrounding Everton


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  1. A really devastating view of EFC as a football business. I’m old enough to clearly remember the true “good times” in the sixties which we would all love to return to, but I also remember the ‘fifties when we struggled till Sir John came in. It’s clear Moshiri needs to go despite all his good intentions as he has continued to back the wrong people, which may end up costing him the bulk of his fortune. He won’t be remembered as the man who gave us the fine new stadium, but I really fear, as the man who destroyed the club.

  2. Would be great if you could get someone on the defend the current running of the club. However in the unlikely event anyone being brave enough to put their head above the parapet, why not ask a journalist like Phil McNulty for a perspective (even if he’s on World Cup duty there should be plenty of time after the Group stages are complete)?

  3. Another sobering podcast guys, The guardian article is the sort of thing that makes you fear the worst. On the football side of things, after a pretty flat performance against Leicester, we needed a positive response against Bournemouth in the cup. What Lampard was thinking of changing the whole team is beyond me. He handed the initiative to Bournemouth and they took it and secured a huge psychological advantage over us for the following game. It’s hard to blame the traveling fans for being so upset after two abysmal performances against a side every one else seemed to score goals against for fun.
    Every season for the last few years is like some sort of groundhog day, where once the clocks go back it’s complete turmoil on and off the pitch.
    I hate to make the comparison, but look at Newcastle United (leaving the source of finance to one side) They were relegation fodder a year ago. Then get a significant investment as spend the money wisely and not like a kid in a sweet shop. They’re now in the champions League spots. Whether they can sustain that remains to be seen, but it just shows what is possible if things are managed in a sensible manner and you don’t throw wads of cash at players no one else is interested in or other sides want off their books.
    Here’s hoping for a response to your requests for people to come on the podcast. It’ll certainly make for good listening!

  4. Bear with me guys, i’m gonna try and explain something – imagine a football pitch in your mind, with penalty areas to the left and the right – then imagine everton’s playing modus operandi – this would be pictured as a circle, going round and round in the middle of the pitch between each of the penalty areas – this circle becomes drill like, burrowing down as a drill would, making a bloody big hole in the middle – that is their nirvana – a hole leading nowhere except everyone of them is a multi-millionaire with all the trappings that that has – nobody cares anymore – and praising fans for following this each week is truly the land of illusion and delusionary – it is truly a mental situation which the board allow to happen because they do not care either

    The only way out of this is for individuals to walk away rather than signing up for next seasons season tickets – it is delusional to remain – and your health is the least of the concerns here – to continue is madness

  5. if you guys want to consider alternative views/opinions, think on this – you are members of a cult and are in an abusive relationship … over to you

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