Talking the Blues Podcast, pre-derby chat, the role of minority investors & Sean Dyche

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues’ Podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We take a look forward to this week’s Derby and discuss what approach Sean Dyche should take. Should we be going to Anfield full of confidence against a struggling Liverpool – you bet we should!

We look further at the potential role of minority investors before discussing what Sean Dyche makes of it all so far!

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  1. Great cast again Paul.
    It’s nice to share thoughts other than on sm platforms.

    I’m going to weave FM throughout my response to your podcast because he remains at the centre of everything we want changed.

    I was lucky enough to have a direct conversation with Michael Owen (MO), several years ago and we briefly discussed his move abroad. Although R.Madrid was of course a very attractive proposition MO partly made that decision based on medical advice that a warmer climate would go some way in preventing, aiding or assisting his muscular injuries. All made sense at the time. I wonder if DCL’s constant muscular/ligament issues also revolve around a climate that just isn’t suitable for him.
    If we reference the FAB interview with FM, he claimed that one of the points in the strategic report had been completed. That point was to expand the medical staff to assist in prevention and recovery. This was something FM recognised could lead to less time spent in rehab and more time spent on the pitch doing what the players are paid to do. So it seems that work has been done.
    Again, I wonder if DCL has now had the full benefit of that and whether everybody including DCL are tearing their hair out to find resolutions for the player. He must have zero confidence in his body right now. I also wonder if he has attempted to “play through” some of these niggles as you suggested others might. Maybe that’s one option that could be considered but how you convince him to go at that with 100% commitment is anybody’s guess.

    MSP Investments
    Paul had this covered really well and I agree with with everything discussed. They are a determined company and to go back to the FAB interview I actually think this is what FM wants. He said wants another set of eyes and ears to tell him and that in turn gives him ammunition, the excuse or the rationale to make the changes needed. So I’d expect that gardening leave to come around quickly for BK and for MSP to start the process of change. If that includes a new CEO and a new Finance Director then at least FM has heard it from the professionals and not us ignorant fans!!

    So once again, I want to give FM enough rope. Either to hang himself like he did with his “get a new striker” comments or to use it to pull himself out of this mess.

    I hope Paul’s timescale is right and that before the end of this season (with PL status secured) we will have some positive news. If FM’s proposals for investment and the commercial deals do materialise we do have a a far more stable 2023/2024 to look forward to.

    My derby heart says 2-1 victory to us. My derby head says 0-0. I fear everything that is being used to invigorate EFC is also being used across the park as the moment to change their season too.




  2. Sorry to go on a bit Paul but it’s refreshing to have the chance to talk blues without a word count or somebody hurling expletives around. Look forward to the next edition post derby when we discuss a great win 👀

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