Brentford (h), at the Crossroads

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast as we dissect an action filled battle with Brentford. We examine the controversial points in the game, talk about the atmosphere, the work of the fans, Lampard’s choices and yes, the performance of Michael Oliver.

Today’s result leaves the club at the Crossroads, we need to go through it all again on Thursday!

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  1. I’m going to say it out loud, the refs actions or inactions when we are playing are deliberate.
    They can’t sanction us for our Russian owner so they are punishing us in the only way they can.

  2. Given the number of squad members on the injured/suspended/out-of-favour/forgotten about/not wanted list, those players who are selected for Thursday will need to deliver career-defining performances to get a result. Perhaps the Talking the Blues team (aka ‘The Holy Trinity’) could despatch copies of ‘Rita Sue & Bob too’ to Finch Farm with the instruction that the squad should channel their inner Costigan!

  3. Some years ago I have to admit that I foresaw the utter demise of Everton FC, the club going out of business with a whimper. Here I am still on cue for this to happen. This result actually confirms this notion.
    I have seen Everton win the Championships from 1963 onwards, win the Cup and win in Europe. Since Kenwright’s arrival I have witnessed the sham of ‘professionalism’ completely take over this club. I stopped going and even bothering following this club many years ago. They have had it and I say that calmly. It’s finished. Corruption is the name of the game and indeed, in all sport the issues are the same. Whilst the planet awaits either the New World Order or nuclear annihilation Everton FC is the last of my concerns

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