And it’s all right now? Talking the Blues Crystal Palace (h)

Welcome to this edition of Talking the Blues podcast with @andycostigan1 and George as we look back on a tumultous night at Goodison – an night in terms of atmosphere and out-pouring of emotion unsurpassed in English football.

We talk at length about the impact of the fans and the resulting atmosphere has had on the club, how it should be used in so many different ways to assist us in the rebuild required.  How Moshiri and the board can take lessons from the actions of the fans.  A really thoughtful hour of discussion even if I thought JB Priestly featured in a Yellow Pages ad – duh……..

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  1. Excellent discussion

    1. what do you want/
    2. how are you going to get it?
    3. what problems will you have to overcome?
    4.what will you need to achieve your goals?


    a. Bill Kenwright isn’t going anywhere soon – he’d much prefer to die at a match, falling from the balcony in true slow motion drama especially for the media ….
    b. Moshiri – WTF?????
    c. The club incest and culture?????
    d. The global war on the people????

  2. Glad to hear that Paul & Andy were quietly confident at half time when 0-2 down. I certainly wasn’t. But miracles can happen and did. Will now watch the Arsenal game wondering if we might leap above Southampton.

  3. So, the season has ended on yet another downer – in what way do fans think they can change anything? – it seems to me that fans are the last people of consequence to this club (and indeed the Prem League in general). An appalling display at Arsenal with no professional pride whatsoever – but hey, who cares when you still take home 100K a week????????????? And you honestly think fans can change this?????

    Now have to worry about the absurd MonkeyPox illusion – so hurry up and get your jabs – Genocide is not just for Everton it’s for everyone … but then you are all avoiding dealing with that … much better to blame the board …. or should that be the bored???????????? I’m sorry Paul but this club and sport in general is finished, it’s a luxury working people can’t afford so leave it to the intelligensia otherwise known as the world economic forum meeting in Davos to assist all our futures … you have so much insight yet it is wasted because you cannot/will not see the big picture

  4. And low and behold we witnessed another unacceptable display down at the Emirates, a ground we all went to in order to say thank you to the players for Thursday but in the end most of us left before the end 😩
    He needs to take a chainsaw to that squad and replace the dead wood with lean and Kean saplings.
    I’ve loved the pod casts all year guys, so thank you very much for them 👏👏👏.
    One thing is certain, we need Paul on the BOD and Dan Donachie back running the medical side.
    Dan I’m sure would come back under a different regime, so let’s not forget about him.
    The fans level of communication with the players reached a different level and that needs enhancing and organising outside of a relegation scenario.
    I believe Paul and Dan are the men who could do that.
    God Bless you all guys 👍

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