Talking the Blues podcast, Brighton & Hove Albion (h) Farhad Moshiri do you care as much as the fans do?

Welcome to the first Talking the Blues podcast of 2022, following the shambolic (in every sense) performance against Brighton & Hove Albion.

We discuss the match for a short while before turning our attention to what are the underlying problems at Everton and who ultimately can provide a solution? Clearly, the ultimate solution provider is Farhad Moshiri. Does he care enough to do something about it, do enough fans care enough to force him to do something about it?

We are in a position whereby the status quo cannot continue. Moshiri has to listen, engage and act. The fans have to be part of the process that gets him from where he is now – passive, to where he needs to be active.

Please find the time to listen and let Moshiri know your views

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  1. Some of this content shows absurd misunderstanding of the issues. The mocking of Benitez is quite nasty, and there’s a starting point for Everton fans: toxicity needs dealing with. That’s a problem that was generated between Kenwright with happy complicity of the fans, long before Moshiri et al.

    If you want real change, you all need to look at the roots of a culture of failure that was partly generated and sustained via a hatred of your neighbours. So for example, you have some wool sitting there dismissing a walk out on 27 minutes…what use is it, he asks…did you see the result of a walk out across the park a few years ago in response to ticket prices? Almost immediate and a senior dysfunctional staff member left as a result. Why ignore effective examples?

    You can mock Benitez all you like, you can scream at Moshiri, and you can fill the airwaves with moaning forever more, same results will follow. You need to take responsibility as a fan base for sustaining toxicity that damages the club from within. You just either can’t or don’t want to see it, or you refuse to face up to it. Or you do, and convince others to.

    Get rid of Kenwright. Of Moshiri is as bad, get rid. Take the drop if you have to, you have to bottom out this issue. Get people in who will challenge a toxic narrative without you chasing them out. Don’t therefore allow players to coast on a good wage (most always will, anywhere, unless not permitted) as they hide behind the dysfunction and if you love your club as you say you do more than hate on others, you can start to get where you want and need to be.

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