Talking the Blues, Liverpool (a), conspiracies, survival or not, the consequences….

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We look back on the Derby match, the much improved performance, the appalling refereeing before turning our minds to regardless of the outcome of the next 6 matches, what needs to happen at Everton football.

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  1. Think you missing the point regarding conspiracy theories. Its not a conspiracy against Everton , it is more that certain teams are favoured in order to keep them happy either because the prem fear a breakaway or the refs fear the reaction of certain managers. Forget yesterday, look at why was Keita not sent off vs Utd. There are numerous examples of decisions that are highly questionable and certain refs feature consistently in being lenient to top teams at home.
    If its not that then it is total incompetency from the top down and I certainly would not rule out a mixture of both.
    Great Podcast!

  2. Hi Paul. Should we go down, Do the FFP rules still apply to teams in the Championship as they do in the EPL?

  3. Long time listener from Australia here, I know it sounds defeatist but can we have a pod on the financial constraints we will be under if we are relegated. Been a fan since the early 80’s and never had this much fear of our survival.

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