Chelsea (h), the fans

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues. Have a stadium of supporters ever walked out of their ground feeling so proud of their club, their players and their fellow supporters whilst languishing in 18th place?

One of the most remarkable occasions in Goodison Park’s long history was played out in front of a capacity crowd. Wow, just Wow.

Lots to be listened to from George and Andy

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  1. Absolutely loved the podcast, the unearthed treasure really resonated with me and actually shows how little our owners and BOD actually care about the clubs supporters.
    I think showing recently deceased fans is the best thing they’ve done for a while but we should be treated like Royalty and we patently are not.
    They need to do far, far more.
    “You’ve had some good times”, really Bill 🤷‍♂️

  2. Fascinating podcast
    Just think how much more powerful the people would be in challenging the ongoing global tyranny by uniting and fighting for the demise of the tyrants (WHO, WEF, EU, NATO etc) and the real future for humanity – it takes guts and knowledge and insight and humour!

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