Talking the Blues Podcast, Crystal Palace (a), Dyche, VAR, Godfrey and yes, 777

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with George and Andy Costigan. We look back on a hugely enjoyable gane and result at Selhurst Park, talk about Dyche, Godfrey and VAR. We conclude with the latest news relating to 777 partners.  As ever, thank you for listening.

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  1. A few thoughts after listening to that and an emotional weekend at Selhurst Park with a crack to my head to pay for it after taking a tumble on the steps. Apologies if this is a bit scattergun.

    People go on about Goodison. Selhurst Park is a terrible ground. They do that “glad all over” thing and try to be Italian style ultras. Fortunately we drowned them out with Spirit.

    I think we really need to be careful with Branthwaite. The boy has talent but is still learning at 21 years old. Very young for a centre back. He will get better, let’s hope that is with Everton.

    We are most definitely effective. Maybe not easy on the eye, but we can get the job done. Most games are close ones.

    Keep Doucoure forward. He will score goals. For those who have often criticised Mykolenko, he’s a solid defender, honest player and gets the odd goal. From inside the box.

    I have never been a fan of Dyche, but he’s what we need right now. One thing I like is that I think (don’t know) that he seems to have done a great job on protecting the players from the circus going on around them. On the pitch and when they come over to the supporters at the end, you wouldn’t think there was are problem.

    We need to remove the trepidation from playing at home. Make Goodison as noisy as that away section was at Selhurst Park. Unbelievable at the end.

    I agree Calvert-Lewin as well as being an effective target, makes space for others. That’s what often goes unnoticed on the field of play and what is coached into you from a young age. What you do off the ball is almost more important as what you do on it.

    Did you have to remind me about Bournemouth? Two trips in 4 days that I’ll never get back.

    Interesting debate on Godfrey. I don’t know what his best position is. I agree, I don’t think we can compare him with Stones. No two players are the same and they definitely are not. He wouldn’t make a midfielder in my opinion. Maybe a fullback?

    Onto fullback. I played there a lot. Also as a wing back. One the most underestimated positions on the pitch. You have to defend. You have to attack. And then you have to get back. You need an engine on you!

    On the depth of squad discussion. I’ve been saying it for years, not just now. We’ve been relying on 12 – 14 decent players for seasons. Once we scratch the surface, we are down to the bones.

    Germany usually breaks a week or so before Christmas and start towards the end of January. They will play friendlies or go on a winter training camp.

    On VAR, it should have been the answer. Rugby Union gets it right because they have transparency and competent officials. We have failed to implement it correctly, have no transparency and incompetence both on the pitch and at Stockley Park

  2. A mere bump, although it was a hell of a tumble. I actually ended up advising the 6 or so worried medics. I tore the bandage off my head and walked back into the stand in the end to watch the rest of the match!!

    Good discussion guys. I keep saying, get me on as a guest if you’d like.

    On to United home and then Forest away.

    Come Christmas, we could be looking good.

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