Talking the Blues podcast, Aston Villa (h), scoring goals, 5 wins & change

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan. We look back on yesterday’s disappointing result against Aston Villa, we look at how we can score more goals, ask why Mina isn’t playing and where 5 wins are going to come from?

We then go onto to talk about change. 27th February is the seventh anniversary of Moshiri’s arrival, so we do an analysis of what has to happen to make the eighth year a very much better one for  Everton and our fans.

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  1. Hi gents, agree with everything regarding the ref, VAR & Onana, and the penalty which described the penalty from two different angles by BT’s ex PL ref as an “optical illusion” and the ref got it right!

    MOTD said it was probably the coming together of knees that determined the penalty. I assume that means that tackling is no longer a contact element of the game.

    Time wasting from the 1st minute seems to be a very obvious tactic to reduce the Goodison crowd gathering momentum. A tactic deployed by several visiting managers.

    Time should be rugby style and controlled off the pitch by a 3rd party stopping the clock by a predetermined set of circumstances. Injury, cards, VAR etc.

    VAR team should not be a part of the on pitch team (they are in small pods at the moment), they should be utterly independent to stop any collaboration to avoid empathy decisions being made with the on field ref.

    Timing all has a knock on effect. So to use Paul’s example, what might be chosen as the 5.30 slot (because of its proximity to the game) then becomes 5.40 because the game lasts longer. So there may be some overall impact on the tv schedule, but the advertiser still gets the impact they desired because it remains in close proximity to the game whenever it finishes.

    If Maupay couldn’t score from those chances he isn’t going to score. He has had the opportunity. Time to give Simms a chance to find his feet. Myko and McNeil had more crosses than the Catholic Church!

    V Leeds (a much poorer defence I accept), Simms looked very lively. Like DCL and Maupay, he needs the time and it’s not as if we are denying another proven goal scorer the chance.

    V Villa, Simms would have the had dozens of opportunities to find the goal.

    I like Coady but if EFC are ever to get a competitive ruthless streak he should probably not be signed permanently and we should look toward Godfrey and Brathwaite coming back from PSV. This all hinges on what league we are in though. Reports have Mina being paid £120k per week.

    The players also need to see and accept the chances that are being created have increased dramatically and I think this is what Dyche refers to. They need more time to adjust to that and make the required movement and runs to get themselves in the right positions.

    I’m probably a good example of Paul’s reference to change. I never trusted BK but I was probably more patient with everything because of FM’s investment and BMD. So I really got on board last season. I still don’t support all of the sentiment and all of the points but I don’t have to agree on everything.

    It is an enormous issue that it has taken this much and come this far for FM to reach this watershed moment. If he doesn’t grasp this absolute final opportunity with MSP (my choice in investors), then he must go and he must go asap. He has to follow through on his FAB interview with regards to new expertise and that includes the 2 new board members and I don’t care if BK is put on gardening leave and reappears for his grand exit when BMD is formally opened to huge fanfare. A fanfare that will be seriously diminished if we are not in the PL.

    What can we do? Keep us the current pressure but don’t ramp up the language and rhetoric anymore than it has been. Protest at other locations I can support. Gathering more media support is a gimme.

    I HOPE Moshiri’s absence from the FT Conference is to do with locking in the details of MSP’s investment and board positions. 👀

    This is by far the absolute last chance saloon for Moshiri.

    One way or the other – change is upon us!




  2. Excellent as always Paul and the lads I listen to your podcasts everyone of them from Spain were I’m living now after retiring from EFC . I am still involved with the club through the EFPF

  3. Interesting show fellas. I very much agree with the referee assessment. His lines people were equally as poor. I also think we didn’t do enough to win the game as you somewhat agree, I’m sure. Changes to the team? I’m not so sure we need to but what I do want to know is why we have changes tactics from Dyches first game?? The protection the wingers gave the full backs in that game was fantastic. Ever since we have left Myko and Coleman hopeless exposed to pace and movement, especially in the two losses.

  4. Last Saturdays game just shows how much the failure to add anything upfront could cost us. Its hard to imagine a Danny Ings type player not putting away those type of chances. The lack of a cutting edge upfront I feel will cost us dearly come May. Completely agree with the comments about the Ref, he looked totally out of his depth. On a couple of occasions I noticed he was slow making decisions, almost like he has VAR telling him something.
    The suggestion that Mina come back into the starting 11, particularly at Forest is worth considering, especially as we are relying on set peice’s to score. Mina, Tarkowski & maybe Kean upfront would be a handful in those situations. While anything from the Arsenal game would be a huge bonus, the Forest game really is a must not lose game. A defeat there could prove a serious blow.

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