Talking the Blues podcast, Crystal Palace (a) and two tales of survival?

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with Andy and George Costigan.

There’s only two topics in town this week, Everton’s Premier League survival, and the ongoing survival struggles of our absent and errant board.

We look in detail at the Palace game, talk about Newcastle to come before turning our attention to the open letter penned by club Chairman Bill Kenwright. Of the many issues arising from his letter, the funding of the stadium and his role is explored in depth.

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  1. Just some observations and we all have an opinion, Godfrey was a disgrace against Fulham and Patterson not good enuf. Questioning Dyche is wrong, chosen players should take full responsibility

  2. Dych was brought in on the premise we were probably going down and he’s a fit for bringing us back (if he stays). Plenty of other clubs would want him

  3. Players are terrible, we know that, but the manager has been woeful. Lots of talk, but hasn’t been able to organise the team or instil confidence in players. Another person in a privileged position failing upwards.

  4. I recommend this podcast to loads of people, please do us a favour and know the date of our next game ffs

  5. Hi fellas, we are potentially going into the last 6 games with our strongest squad. That is a positive but I only say it because this is what Moshiri & Chairman Bill decided (by a lack on action in the two transfer windows this season), would be good enough and they have played fast and loose with us as fans, the squad and the future PL status of EFC.

    I don’t believe we should be commenting on BK’s health – the way they have. I think it demonstrates a lack of tact and it was not properly considered. It should have been a passing reference and no more. We have more than enough evidence to go with and making such a play about his health doesn’t come across well. Enough said about that!

    The nonsense he talks about is just that. Describing himself as “your Chairman” as if we appointed him was ludicrous. Describing Frank as rushing to his biggest supporters after the CP game was just a blatant lie and proved to be so in video footage shared on the platforms. In fact BK can clearly be seen summoning Frank to the Directors Box and Frank obliged leaving the fans behind him after he has celebrated extensively with them.

    Paul is right, it is a vision BK has of events and he seems to think the majority of us will just accept what he says and ignores the evidence under our very noses.

    If DBB is head long into driving the BMD project then what is Colin Chong – specifically employed to that job with his previous experience with Laing doing? I happen to think he is doing a fantastic job with BMD.

    And finally, what is this half right, 1/4 right or whatever right when it comes to the new investment? Why not just clear up exactly where it is without committing anybody to anything. Give us some real news about it, don’t use it to embarrass other media outlets that have quoted it is close including Al Myers, SKY and the Echo – all of whom have carried source led stories that is is imminent. What is the real state of affairs Bill???



  6. Good show again but it needs emphasizing, as mentioned that BK loves Everton like all of us. I’m no fan of his personally but it may turn out that his greatest mistake was to bring in Moshiri as his money man. No other club wanted him anywhere near and that probably explains a lot. However, what we also don’t know is; did he have to bring in Moshiri? I.E. If he hadn’t would we have already gone down because we were not competitive moneywise, and our stadium was in serious need of upgrading or replacing. Making him public enemy number 1 is unfair. Yes, he should go and yes underachievers in the board should go with him but if any Everton fan had been in his position, they may have made the same mistakes and we would do well to remember that when constantly berating him and blaming him for all our woes.

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