Talking the Blues podcast, Newcastle United (h), our fans, Marcel Brands and the “R” word

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We look back on Thursday’s debacle and contrast the progress of Newcastle United with our demise. Intelligent investing and unintelligent investing.

We look at Marcel Brands comments, the role of Farhad Moshiri, before reflecting on some of the consequences of possible relegation. We end by recognising a win at Leicester alters the mood completely.

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  1. Hi fellas, I renewed. I was the same, left it late and battled with myself but I succumb to the pressure of wanting to support my club.

    Partly, which I think Paul was going to get to, was to secure my place at BMD. Whatever happens I want to bask in the glory of the Grand Old Lady and I want to go and sit in that remarkable new stadium. I’ll worry about what league when it happens 🤣.

    If it’s Championship, lots of mid week football might mean I don’t do all of the home games but that will probably be offset by more Sky TV coverage.

    I did some research Paul and closest I get to was that in the PL we get a min of £12m for up to 10 live games (I think), and then £1m for every game over that. In the Championship we get £100,000 per game. 😵‍💫 🫣💩. I hope that puts into focus some of the issues you have been trying to highlight in the finances and PL status.

    Brands was shackled, hoodwinked and then bought off temporarily by giving him a place on the board and even that wasn’t enough in the end. The guy was and is regarded as one of the best in Europe. He couldn’t and didn’t stick around because the stench of the management of the club prevented him from exerting his best influence on it.

    I have said it before our board are an analogue dinosaur in a digital metaverse.

    Onto Monday – Forest have just lost, if B’mouth can avoid defeat to Leeds then we are right back in the hunt. It is back with us. This time last year we beat Leicester, got out of the bottom 3 and survived. I’m praying for a case of Deja Vu 🙏💙



  2. Brilliant podcast chaps, thanks, plenty to chew over. Brands’ comments alarming but not surprising. Moshiri is a strange kind of businessman, overbearing by all accounts, but strangely content to jeopardise his investment with continual poor decision making. We can stay up as I reckon it will only take 35 points to do so. But what then….

  3. Gents,
    Why no comment on Sean Dyche’s failures over the past 5 games?
    I am a Dyche fan and no doubt he is a big improvement over Lampard but the past 5 games are on him.

    And regarding the 97% – what a bunch of mugs!
    How can you chant ‘sack the board’ while at the same time give them your money?
    I have not renewed on principle, I have sent a letter to Moshiri via his business address raising why after 16 years I am not funding the disaster any longer.
    The 97% are not outstanding as you state, but rather foolish

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