Talking the Blues Podcast, Leicester (a), Brighton (a), Michael Keane, Usmanov and heroes

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We look back on a hugely entertaining game at Leicester earlier in the week, looking at Dyche’s use (or non-use) of substitutes before examining the case for and against for Michael Keane.

We look at the run in trying to decide how many points are required as a minimum before reporting on two separate pieces of news relating to Alisher Usmanov, his effective banning from the UK, the implications for the Premier League and other reports.

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  1. Hi fellas, I think that debate encapsulates everything and tells us nothing – in the nicest possible way of course.

    One stat. SKY reported that our game V Leicester produced the best combined stats of any game this season making it the best game to watch all season. Doesn’t feel like that though. We could have lost it yes, but we produced the best moments, best chances and as the away side, deserved to win it.

    We are definitely into the realms of no matter what we do, it does depend on what the others do. It isn’t in our hands anymore because we sit 19. We can win at BHA and actually be no better off. We can get something out of City and still be no better off.

    So whilst we can and do debate and consider and analyse it all, it inevitably does come down to taking it all one game at a time.

    Results can be expected but not predicted, and I said 6 games ago I would take going into the B’mouth games knowing that 3 points keeps us up. Chances are we face a final day akin to Wimbledon and Coventry which makes me shudder. However, if we have the luxury of knowing 3 points keep us up whatever happens then it is a gamble, based on all the variations and risks that I’ve become settled on, as a gamble worth taking.



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