Talking the Blues Podcast, Brighton (a) what a stunning evening!

Welcome to a post match Talking the Blues after what I think is the most remarkable result I can remember as an Evertonian. George, Andy and I look back on a memorable couple of hours that may be so valuable in the next few weeks.

What a fitting game and result for the thousands of Evertonians attending, your loyalty and dedication was rewarded!

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  1. Hi fellas, “Oh what a night, an evening start in 2023” that’s my best effort at a song for tonight 🤣

    I said on Twitter, and I agree with Paul, I can’t think of a game that meant so much in these circumstances for so many reasons when we really were standing on that trap door.

    Where did it come from?
    For me, the tone was set by DCL, that turn, that pass, that goal, really upset BHA and they never looked like getting back in it, despite my average 140 heart beats per minute from about 10 mins before the game started.

    I think Patterson needs to check his shorts 👀.
    After a rocky start he had Mitoma in his pocket where I’m sure you’ll find him curled up sucking his thumb. Most of the play from them came down the right flank in the 2nd half. No doubt trying to expose Myko but for large parts he did well but largely because Patterson really got to grips with Mitoma. I noted he was getting into his feet as he collected the ball much sooner rather than trying to defend at arms length in the first 20 mins.

    Just an outstanding team performance from back to front. It is now back in our hands. Dwight deserves his plaudits for an outstanding night and I won’t hear a word said against little Iddy – that’s my law!

    We may have enough points already (🤞🙏), but 34 + our goal difference becomes the same as 35 points which is probably a real bench mark for staying up this season.

    Finally, the away support 💪💙👏👏👏

    One game at a time fellas.

    Onwards and upwards.

    PS. Several media outlets suggesting Davide Ancelotti is being lined up for us next season. I’ll leave that there.



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