Usmanov sells Arsenal shares to Kroenke

In an unexpected move Alisher Usmanov has agreed to sell Red & White Securities  30.04% stake in Arsenal to his arch rival Stan Kroenke. The deal was announced by the Nex Stock Exchange at 7am this morning. As a result of this transaction, Usmanov is no longer restricted in buying shares or acquiring an […]

Paradise Lost? – the Panorama story

Paradise Lost? This evening the BBC investigative programme “Panorama” ran the first of  two episodes looking at offshore finance, in particular the so-called “Paradise Papers”. The programme spends a considerable amount of time examining Usmanov and Moshiri’s investment in Arsenal and Moshiri’s subsequent acquisition of Everton shares.     As I’ve described in detail below […]

My latest thoughts on Usmanov, Arsenal and Everton

On 29th September Arseblog ran a story claiming that Kroenke (the 67% shareholder of Arsenal) had made a bid to acquire Usmanov’s 30.04%.   Given I’ve consistently held the view that Usmanov will not sell his Arsenal holdings and join his business partner Farhad Moshiri at Everton I thought I’d update and perhaps clarify the reasons […]

Usmanov bid does not make move to Everton more likely, in fact the reverse

There seems to be as much interest in Alisha Usmanov and his activities by Everton fans as there are by Arsenal fans these days. Perhaps given the link between Moshiri and Usmanov, and the USM sponsorship of Finch Farm that is understandable. The late breaking news of yesterday (Friday 19th May) that Usmanov had tabled […]