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Welcome back to the first Talking the Blues podcast in a few weeks – thank you everyone for your wonderful support and best wishes. You have all been an enormous help to me, I am truly blessed to be as well as I am and to have been able to share it with so many of you.

Sadly Everton’s current pedicament on and off the pitch is not showing such resiliance and recovery. Andy and George join me as usual in looking at yesterday’s game and then a frank discussion surrounding Everton’s current and future ownership.

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  1. Great to hear you all back – and to hear Paul sounding very well.
    Please keep analysing the financial situation at the club. It’s important we recognise and are reminded of the existential threat.

  2. Well done spot on ,there has surely got to be someone else interested in buying the club keep up the good work

  3. I think it’s all been said and I’ve commented elsewhere. We didn’t convert our early chances. Poor tactics as the game went on as we were chasing the game. Another absent midfield, although Gueye done his thing. Reverting to lumping aimless long balls that the opposition defence and keeper ate up.

    I said that I don’t understand how a side that can produce performances like I watched at Brentford and Villa Park only to freeze once more at Goodison. It’s almost like we were afraid of the expectation of building momentum.

    On VAR, I continuously repeat myself. How has football messed this up? I am an advocate as it should resolve the wrongs we used to be subject to. I think part lies with the rules (offside in particular), but also the ability of the on and off pitch officials. And transparency. Take Rugby Union as an example. Decisions on the big screen for all to see and verbal discussion available to all, explaining the decision making process. There is no hiding and they are accountable.

    As for ownership. I read the other detailed article. I’m in two minds over 777 and respect the view with Paul having spoken to them. But something needs to happen. And relatively soon.

    Happy to volunteer for a guest appearance on one of these by the way!!

  4. Glad you guys are back and Paul you are on the mend 🙏
    A good listen during my commute. I have missed you it’s very cathartic listening to George and Andy rant after another one of our depressing loses.

  5. Glad to have you all back. Whilst I feel your ongoing pessimism of the clubs situation it has to remembered that despite all of the negativity we still have players and a team capable of competing, winning and winning well. The question is how can we get them to do it at home and on a consistent basis. For me this is where Dyche and his team need to improve. The players need to be given all the help they can give. We consistently see the wrong team being picked and wrong tactics being used, especially at home. It is clear to me that Onana and Doucoure perform better when not in the same team. Jack Harrison is now one of our better wing options with no Iwobi and has to play (if fit). If the opposition is full of big lads and a team that is gointo sit back and bypass the midfield there is no point in having one striker on his own and 5 across the middle. That is just a few of the things we can all see and it happens over and over again. Now granted I’m not privy to what is discussed in training and at Finch farm, but come on Sean let’s show goodison what we can do!
    On the ownership front I’m intrigued to know who Paul would like to come in and save us if there is a rich Evertonian out there with the means to step up.
    And lastly, and I greatly appreciate that this won’t be at the forefront of your mind at the moment, but any news on the talkingtheblues playlist?

  6. It’s a simple and obvious question I have – why on earth do you follow this club? – it’s rotten to the core, corrupt as it can be yet you still support it, pay your money and spend insurmountable time and energy on it – would you do the same for a shoddy business that stole your money and treated you with contempt???

  7. it’s also quite apparent that you have no idea about what is happening in professional sport, not just football. You can continue to appease the circumstances, and blame bad management but there’s plenty of evidence that all professional sport, like society in general is in a state of deliberate chaos brought into focus over the last three years particularly. It’s obvious you cannot see the bigger picture and maybe you should give some time to what’s going on rather than this endless, pitiful conversation about the minueti

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