Talking the Blues Podcast, Bournemouth (h) 3 goals, 3 points, 3 sevens

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues’ Podcast. With George away on family duties, Andy and I settle down for an up-beat analysis of the game against Bournemouth, reflecting upon an enjoyable, balmy autumn afternoon at Goodison Park – a day for all Evertonians at the match or elewhere to enjoy.

We then switch from balmy to barmy (perhaps) (at 49 mins 45 seconds) with the latest on 777’s attempt to acquire Everton bringing a fresh perspective on what the acquisition means to 777 partners and what any new ownership of Everton should mean to supporters.  Alignment of both interests should be a positive but when perhaps different objectives and motives are apparent, that’s when questions (beyond how is it paid for and how good is 777’s management) need to be asked and answered. The onus on answering is on Moshiri and 777.

Thanks as always for listening and your tremendous support which is hugely appreciated by the three of us.

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  1. Hi gents.

    If you asked an AI -…..
    Hey AI, write me a letter to Everton fans about us becoming the new owners but don’t mention how, with what and by whom we will entrust the club. Certainly Mr Wander – said the AI……. “Last Saturday was the first time Steve (Pasko) and I attended a match at Goodison Park…….”

    The result would be a passionate plea with evidence that you’ve done just enough research to fill in the satnav to get you to L4, but no commitment plan other than words which sound familiar – Alan Ball quotes, history, fans, the People’s Club and so on.

    I’m not impressed, I’m embarrassed.
    Embarrassed that with so many multi billionaire sports investors circling the PL, we manage to find the one slumped in the corner, a few $ dollar bills sticking out of his pocket after a night at the casino with the will to do it all again tonight!

    777 are on the verge – I hope beyond hope they fail but would anybody be surprised if they succeed. It also makes me think that 777’s watered down promises of not having the way but the will and “steady as she goes”, all sounds a lot like a certain Chairman Bill all those years ago.

    God help us all.



  2. A lot to pick out of that one. Thanks for the listen.

    4-4-2 is not for me. I grew up on it and watched our most successful team play it, but in the modern game, you are exposed and wide open in midfield.

    Midfield runners are the answer. We are now seeing the benefits of playing Doucoure higher up the pitch and he’s getting goals. To the point of pressing and playing higher up the pitch. I’ve been a scratched record on that for several years.

    Garner. Again, scratched record. Play Garner central.

    Although he got initial cynicism and criticism last year, I could see a player in McNeil. Along with Harrison, we have two young players who play without fear. McNeil is bursting with energy. Between him, Doucoure and Calvert-Lewin, we battered the much fancied Brighton on their own turf last season. As alluded to, Dominic doesn’t have to always get the goals but his contribution when he is firing is significant to the team. Remember when Andy Gray didn’t score for ages? But his influence was key.

    On 777, I don’t know enough. I believe we need change as it hasn’t worked for over 30 years.

    I couldn’t attend on Saturday as it was my brother’s wedding. Most of us were either watching on our phones, listening or following the BBC whilst pretending to listen to the speeches. The best man even announced 2 – 0 mid speach.

    If I am correct, the guy mentioned on the pitch at Anfield after Sharp’s goal is interviewed on the Howard’s Way documentary.

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