Talking the Blues Podcast, Manchester United (a) FA Cup 3rd Round & the background to the NSNOW campaign

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast where we look back on the Manchester United game, analyse Lampard’s performance as manager, before focusing on the background to the NSNOW campaign and the planned sit in at the Southampton game next Saturday.

All things considered an enjoyable hour all be it covering some major topics!

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  1. I really enjoy your podcasts they are spot on about what’s going on at the club I’ve both worked and been a fan at the club for 60 years As you say it’s absolutely imperative that we do not get relegated for the future of the club and the city in general like Liverpool they are institutions in our city and have been in business for over a hundred years . Keep up the good work lads

  2. Another good one. Interview on Radio Merseyside great too. That aside – fingers crossed for Saturday.

  3. I like this podcast and provides sensible intelligent views not hysteria. However there is little objective data driven analysis- ie, despite all the plaudits for Tark, etc we have one of the worst defensive records in the league! Our players are poor quality how is Lampard supposed to turn bad players into half decent. Ok it’s the Boards responsibility but that doesn’t get us very far. Pickford will be sold that’s why delayed contract, if we get relegated. Gordon sidelined cos Lampard told him he needs to score and be ruthless and he took his ball away ( after an altercation). I bet Lampard goes with the final lineup that finished the Utd game – how will Goodison react to McNeill playing – and as a wing back? Lampard changed line up for Brighton cos he Knew /feared a bad Goodison reaction to a back five. (Which may be a valid criticism of him) Fans want blood and thunder. It’s only hindsight now that fans will accept and support a back 5. Thoughts? I fear there is no escape it will take a miracle…

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