Talking the Blues podcast, Southampton (h) & so much more

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We get their on the spot reactions to the day’s events as seen from within Goodison Park before casting our views over the multitude of issues before the game, afterwards and the inevitable fall out.

Finally we end on a call for the club to attempt to start rebuilding those bridges which are close to collapse.

Thanks for listening on what is a very difficult period for Blues. Our podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms, links to which can be found here

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  1. Thanks Guys for your commitment. I attended the game and stayed behind for half an hour in protest. My guess is that between 4/5 thousand initially stayed behind which was good, though there was not the intensity I expected. I really think there is a resignation and a sadness felt by most Evertonians at the demise of their club. As I left, I shared thoughts with another Blue in his sixties who said he became a Blue in 1968. I could tell he was not local. When asked, I found out he travels with his wife from Norwich and he told me at 5.30pm that he had a half hour walk to his car and then a four and half drive back home. This made me sadder. So many loyal fans distraught at the failure of those entrusted with the stewardship of OUR club. I went to the same high school as Bill (Liverpool Institute High School) and our motto – “Non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati.” when roughly translated means – Born not for ourselves alone but for the whole world. A noble motto and if Bill stopped to consider that he would look himself in the mirror and for the sake of the world wide Blue fan community and those that make journeys from Norwich and other corners of the UK and beyond he would say to himself it is time for me to step down.

  2. You guys really do have to stop with the romanticism. Given what has happened how can you go back there???
    The management have already, publicly shown their disdain for the fans. They have called on their media friends and totally removed the narrative from what was a’club crisis’ of management to a ‘club crisis’ of the fans behaviour!! Surely, there’s no way back now??
    There is no distinction between the team and the club – it is all the same thing!!
    You are being hypocritical if you believe that anything has changed – you are clinging on to something that does not exist – by continuing in this vain you are no more than collaborators with what is happening, you are condoning the narrative of the management at your own cost – i can say no more, it’s over

  3. A great, if sobering podcast Paul.
    I think our fanbase are all worn down by years of incompetence and mismanagement, and have now resigned ourselves to relegation. We foolishly celebrated Moshiri as our saviour, but he has in fact turned out to be our executioner.
    Fair play to you Paul. You have tried to look at his lack of business acumen from a position of integrity. But sadly, you and many others have been blindsided. Moshiri’s role has always been to simply whitewash Usmanov’s dirty money.

  4. Well done Paul, you spoke very well both on Talksport and ToffeeTV. It really is a bad situation we’re in, I don’t think of it in terms of an oil tanker.heading towards the rocks, it’s more like the Board busily rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, while all the passengers are screaming that we’re heading for an iceberg. The increased cost of the stadium isn’t good news either. It’s understandable why there’s such an air of resignation. The Board are sleep waking us into the Championship and there’s no sign of them waking up anytime soon.

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