Talking the Blues, Brighton & HA (h), the inquest

Welcome to this edition of Talking the Blues podcast with Andy and George Costigan. We don’t analyse the match much, what is there to say? We do explore the factors human and business that have put us in the position we find ourselves. Raw at times…..

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  1. Thanks for your great podcast (again!) and for providing a much needed therapeutic release. Thanks also to you guys, and others, for sustaining the spotlight on the business of Everton. Despite tabloid analysis that simply wants to engage in another round of manager merry-go-round, there is now fan unity in that we all have finally placed the ball at the feet of the owner and nothing short of getting rid of the Chairman and CEO will address our decline. Sadly, difficult though it is to contemplate, the fan base know we are staring into the Championship abyss and fans have turned to gallows humour to protect themselves from the wasted anger and frustration. Stand up Moshiri!

  2. May be wrong but my feeling when no changes ti the Board were made after last season was that Moshiri wants to sell and leave the sorting out to the new owner. However if there isn’t one on the horizon I wonder if we are stuck with the current incumbents indefinitely. Any further rumours on the club being sold Paul?

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