Talking the Blues, Chelsea (H), some random thoughts on subs and free kicks, finishing with some observations on the accounts

This week’s Talking the Blues Welcomes Home Blues to Goodison, looks at the Chelsea game and an excellent team performance. We talk a bit about how to improve the rules of the game before finishing off on the accounts.

The usual mix of laughter and some serious stuff too.

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  1. Really enjoyed this. I feel much clearer on who and what you’re unhappy with than before and it all sounded perfectly reasonable (not harsh at all).
    I can’t say I’m convinced that there was enough commercial revenue on the table to avoid running at a loss given the investment needed in the squad post Walsh. But, if anything, that should have meant we worked even harder to increase our income through any avenue available.
    When did we sign the contract with Fanatics? Assuming this agreement was made when Elstone was here, I would suggest we could afford some benefit of the doubt to the current people. But you’re certainly not wrong to call for change for when that contract expires.

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