Talking the Blues, Manchester United (h), the spirit of the blues!

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan. There’s nothing more joyous than two Everton supporters raised in Salford, discussing Everton’s victory over Manchester United! George also announces his candidature for Chair of the Alex Iwobi fanclub!

Onto more serious matters we discuss the prospect of new owners at Everton, what price they’d have to pay, what additional capital they would require and how much does Moshiri stand to make or lose?

Finally we turn our minds to what happens at the end of the season, how do fans react, assuming survival is achieved? Included in this is a view observations on the role a fan director might play going forwards.

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  1. Are we in any way comparable to Man City under their previous owner? In terms of “new money”. I always felt when the Moshiri era’s wheels started to come off that it reminded me of City when they had their first big money. Because they spent the early years spending big money on players like Robinho. Plus regular change of manager. Before success came.

  2. I said we’d beat United as well, I also think we will beat Chelsea, the key to that game depending on how we perform against Liverpool 👍
    If we put in a battling display at Castle Grey Skull and don’t just roll over, I think that will signify our survival more than the Utd game, COYBB 💙
    Loved the upbeat podcast lads, I haven’t been too well of late and I so look forward to them 👍

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