Talking the Blues, Burnley (a), where do we go from here?

Andy and George look back on a very disturbing week for all Evertonians as in a footballing context, our worst fears are beginning to be realised.

As ever a bit of humour thrown in as well! All our podcasts are available on on Spotify,  iTunes and many other podcast platforms. As ever, thank you for listening and all your support.

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  1. Hard to know what we can do at the moment boys. We have a number of players who either are not good enough or don’t care enough. This is a really poisoned chalice for our new manager who must be tearing his hair out at the continuing schoolboy mistakes.
    The buck, of course, remains at the door of the owner, very, very closely followed by the board of directors who have allowed this situation to develop.
    I like and continue to back Frank Lampard, who is a very intelligent and articulate young man, but I fear our owner will continue with his horrendous mismanagement of our beloved club.

  2. Players are able to brief the press in such circumstances, when they feel supported from within the Club .In the first instance Finch Farm.It could be that having interfered in January transfers that there are parties within Everton who think they can manage the first team.

    Naturally the players do know who is in charge and will court that line.At Everton it is not the Manager’s line that they courting.With 10 games left prior to the Burnley game, they believe they can do better than Lampard.They wanted rid him for the United game at Goodison , but Moshiri did not bite.If he is to bite what is the mentality.of the players going into the United game ?

    This mentality has existed at Everton for years.Downing tools for months in a Premier campaign is a recipe for relegation and struggling .

  3. The only thing you can do as a ‘fan’ of everton football club is walk away. Stop investing your time, your energy and your money in what is essentially a ‘cult’
    All the crap about being ‘born a blue’ is mere hype to pull you in and engage with you. It’s utter nonsense. Once ‘in’ you’ll never escape unless you recognize what’s happening and walk away. Other wise you remain part of the problem that you so eloquently analyse. A cult is not changeable from within. You have to stand up for your own beliefs and LEAVE
    Sadly, there are too many culpable people who enjoy their ‘moments in the sun’ despite how they are treated – too many stupid enough to deny their own beliefs for the ‘good’ of the club

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