Talking the Blues podcast, West Ham (a), the accounts and laughs

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues with Andy and George. Analysis of the West Ham game, questions on what did they do for the last two weeks before turning to the good news….the accounts

Gallow’s humour perhaps but a highly entertaining Talking the Blues.

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  1. There for the taking and yet again we do the giving.
    If Cresswell has got an Everton shirt on that’s a straight Red.
    Fed up, totally fed up.

  2. Fascinating to hear the financial comparison of losses during Moshiri’s ownership- a skeptical person might think Everton is just a place to makes some of Usmanov’s money disappear or something and that’s all it is to them… doesn’t seem like they are into footy… Just a bit of wild speculation from another grieving Evertonian. Thanks for the Podcast chaps.

  3. As always chaps another excellent and sobering podcast about the state of our beloved club, Very few aspects of the club I enjoy now from the board down to the players,we’ve somehow got to make it to the summer intact in the premier league then we can go after this shambolic board

  4. Worst run club in the league. Could be relegated.
    but “you’ve had some good times”.

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