Talking the Blues, Manchester City (a) and end of season report

The final episode of the 2020/21 season gives the Manchester City game the briefest of mentions before Andy, George and myself dissect the season and five and a half years of Farhad Moshiri.


There’s an hour of straight talking, looking at the reasons for not making the progress expected of us over the five years of Moshiri’s ownership and the last eighteen months under Carlo Ancelotti. The conclusions are clear and loud.

Thank you for listening to us throughout the season.

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  1. You lads hit the nail on the head spot on. Will have to listen again and give more comments. 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Hardhitting and rather gloomy prognosis of where we are at as a football club. I have been saying it for years, we have a soft centre running right through the heart of the club, starting at the very top.

    The culture of ‘fine, it’ll be OK’ is evident to see, and there appears to be little or no accountability on senior staff involved on and off the field. We have a truly passive owner who seems unconcerned about his considerable investment or lack of real progress within the club.

    The CEO is issuing quite frankly ludicrous statements prior to the season end claiming otherwise, which would never stand up in any other business sector, never mind a Premier league football club which claims to have real ambition.

    Even our shareholders remain reluctant to to offer even mild criticism of what’s been allowed to develop over the last decade or even longer. One has to ask the question, ‘What’s stopping them’? Maybe too close to personnel within the club to raise genuine concern as to how the club is being run?

    Meanwhile, our Chairman remains ominously silent confirming his unease at issuing anything but flowery positive press statements about the club being ‘revered’ amongst it’s peer group of Premier league clubs.

    Nothing will change until we see real dramatic change at the very top of the club and people being held truly accountable for the malaise that has allowed to fester and thrive amongst senior personnel within our club.

    But only Moshiri can invoke the change required, and he has shown little appetite so far to break up the status quo.

  3. Long time listener but I think another voice is now needed with perhaps Paul being somewhat of the director of the podcast…..

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