Talking the Blues – the Grandoldteam survey, the latest on the board & director resignations

Welcome to a delayed Talking the Blues podcast in which we play the piece on the GrandOldTeam survey, recorded yesterday. We then go on to look at the extraordinary resignation of three of the four club directors and the statements made by the club and directors. Finally we look at Bill Kenwright’s position as we wait 48 hours to learn of his future.

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  1. Great cast fellas.
    Just far too much to comment on 🤪
    Is there any chance at all that the news from Carlo Ancelotti, albeit if the media reports are correct, it only amounts to a couple of million (absolute riches for us at the moment), was the catalyst for somebody – FM or the board to collectively say “I’m done, please pack your bags” or “I’m done, please accept our resignation” ?
    There seemed like an almighty collective Twitter sigh when the Ancelotti news dropped – it was almost palpable. And very “Everton That”.
    I just wonder if that hastened any considered approach to the board news.

    Glad that it looks like we can welcome Andy & George, I’m sure they are listening to your cast and I didn’t miss the little ditto about Moshiri reading your article Paul. If I was in my “old industry” interview mode 😜 I’d have been all over that one mate – you’d still be answering questions on that now! This is dynamite and will come as a surprise, shock or extremely enlightening to some to think that he or his reps care enough to be reading it. I hope they learnt a thing or two.

    Wednesday seems like D Day – Tin hats are out. Trenches will need digging and cries of “incoming” will be much anticipated. If he doesn’t announce – beaches will be stormed!



  2. Hi Paul a good listen as usual, thank you for your insight to what’s going on. Can you confirm or rubbish that Graham Sharp has been on garden leave since Jan/February?

    • Brian it is very difficult for a non executive to be on gardening leave. Also the Everton articles don’t allow directors to miss more than 3 consecutive meetings (from memory) so I think that’s not correct mate

  3. To all the romantics who, despite everything, still believe the people at Everton FC care about you, well you are completely wrong! They continue to take the pee out of the fans and yet you still fall for the lies – yes, change is needed but it will only be on their terms not yours … and only when they are ready

  4. Hi Paul, I remember months ago presenting to you the notion of a ‘cult’ at Everton. You commented that you find my comments interesting. Well, after all this time here’s somebody else making the same conclusions (on Toffeeweb). I don’t know nor care what is going on at Everton anymore. I can’t help but wonder though, just how much criminal activity has been going on as all I see is 3 rats leaving a sinking ship, all of whom have had a part in the recent shenanigans at the club, and an owner and chairman up to their necks in potentially fraudulent behaviour. The new fixture list acts as a useful distraction, along with the new kit and new ground updates, whilst those with no brains still support the establishment at EFC. How anyone can still want to support and follow this shower is unbelievable. Maybe it really is time for the ‘fans’ to grow up, start acting like rational adults and leave the lot of them to their mess … there’s far more important things in life to deal with like global corruption and fascism

    Kieran Kinsella
    570 Posted 16/06/2023 at 15:02:02
    John 569
    Kenwright has created a cult using the same methods as other cult leaders. Here are the characteristics from a psychology website:
    A charismatic leader
    He is that.
    Ideological purity
    He banishes dissenters be they ex players, Birch, Gregg, media
    Conformity and control
    His name is involved in every transfer deal and he employs yes men
    Us-vs-them mentality
    Plucky Everton fighting the whole world
    Apocalyptic thinking
    Goodison will lose its safety certificate, he has to mortgage his house to save the club, he is protecting us from ruin under Johnson, Mosh etc
    Time and energy
    EITC does a lot of good with the unpaid help of thousands of Evertonians, and financial contributions from the same. While all the credit goes to him/DBB.
    Isolation and love-bombing
    Hand picked fans forums etc keeping people out of AGMs, not engaging with other fan groups who dissent, just creating this special connection with the chosen few who get a handshake from him or a tour of the ground by his acolyte Sharpy.
    He literally is a cult leader and while many have now escaped the brainwashing and smelt the roses there will always be those unfortunates who are irreparably mentally and emotionally ruined and unable to control their own faculties outside of the guidance of their cult leader.

  5. Great podcast. I really enjoy these insights into the management of the club. It is a sorry tale of chronic mismanagement which is all the more tragic due to the unwavering loyalty and dignity of Everton fans. I hope one day to listen to your podcast where you are able to talk about best in class management off the field enabling progress on the field… that journey can only start when the last of the old regime leaves. The chairman has to take accountability for our perilous situation and if he loves the club as much as he says, he would act in its best interest and step aside. The current delay beyond the 48 hour deadline demonstrates the farce of the current regime and it is a millstone around our necks. Keep bringing the truth Paul!

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