Talking the Blues special, El Partida Carlo, what does that mean for Everton

In very swift time Carlo Magnifico has gone to El Partida Carlo as he swiftly departs for Real Madrid.

I get together with Andy Costigan to give our initial reactions to a momentous day for our beloved club.

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  1. Personally, I completely agree AND feel that Brands’ approach and Ancelotti’s, to managing Everton Football Club were NOT the same.
    I also believe that their point on, or the impression they expressed and gave that Brands’ approach was his and his alone is NOT true. My understanding is that was and still is the man’s approach and instructions that attracted him and brought him here – Mr Moshiri’s.
    As a result Carlo’s approach to the so-called “proven” 28+ age group player has largely clashed with that remit and personally, if one look’s at what Godfrey’s half-a-season has been like compared to Alan’s and Rodriguez’ then it’s a no-brainer who chose the better, hungrier footballer and, it was Brands.
    Before listening my thoughts were, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” a la Mr Moshiri approaching in, and getting Carlo. Therefore, get Zinadine Zidane!
    If Everton Football Club doesn’t think big and act big then it will forever be looking from the outside, in but, after listening to the lad’s, if they want a younger, hungrier manager with a lot to prove then put Brands and Duncan Ferguson together and let them be a team in this.
    Whilst I think Duncan was overrated as a forward with 11 goal’s in a season twice, being his best there is no doubt he Love’s our Football Club and the player’s like him.
    Let him loose.
    We saw what he did with Keane; if the player’s aren’t doing what Everton FC want’s, and need’s, they should be dragged off and told in no uncertain term’s to go and run. Our manager’s have been too nice. I don’t care how much they get paid, nor worry about them downing tool’s. This is Everton Football Club, if they don’t do it, won’t, or can’t be bothered or arsed they should be told to go forth and multiply.
    We need a manager like that and I believe, and have seen, Duncan Ferguson is capable of doing that.
    Dane Munro,
    BA (Hons); PGCE; CCRS; Dip Counselling.

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