Talking the Blues podcast, the transfer window, MSP imminent? Dele Alli

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast in which George returns alongside Andy. We look at the transfer window to date, explore the thoughts that MSP is “imminent” and return to our conversation of last week, Dele Alli.  A thought provoking, sometimes  bleak, conversation.

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  1. Hi fellas, nice to hear the team back together.

    I’m only going to comment on Dele – his preferred name. I think we can put to bed any previous thoughts, ideas or theories about his state up to the point of that interview. Extremely brave and how he’s come through that to carve a career with Spurs and England is truly remarkable. 👏👏

    What struck me was that we have a real potential of a player again. If he is showing the signs that he can get back to his form before we reach the 20 games point then we really have to do everything in our power to make that payment and allow his return to continue with EFC.

    Grand Old Team reported (at the time we got him), the next stage for paying the additional monies was triggered at 80 games. Perhaps we can verify that?

    If that’s correct 🤷‍♂️, then we have him for a full season and he will see out his current contract. I would negotiate a contract now in preparation for the end of his current deal. He seems to like EFC and Dyche and the fans will be 100% behind him.

    I would hope that from his own words and hopefully his actions we can agree a new deal that will see him back to his best and give him a clause in that new contract that allows him to leave if we recoup the £40m. That’s not uncommon in contracts and would surely suit everybody. That shows him EFC are committed, that gives Dele what he wanted, the purchasing club have to be serious about buying him (for Dele’s sake), and we are no worse off and will have benefitted from a full season and perhaps the next half season which takes us up to the move to BMD.

    Get Bill on it 🤣😂🤣

    The timing may well work in our favour.

    PS – perhaps the transfer kitty is coming from Gray negotiating a deal with the Saudi’s. That might generate some decent cash and some movement.



  2. Quite a lot to digest. Let me start with a favourite song of mine that I find very apt. Running against the wind by Bob Seger.

    On Kenwright, I can be quoted elsewhere. His time is done. I don’t know why he is still at our club. What relationship he ever had with the supporters is beyond repair. He simply cannot stay. We were abandoned last season by a leadership team that lacked any remote resemblance of leadership in an hour of need. Lies and unproven accusations against the supporters. I am a forgiving person, but that was unforgivable. No going back.

    On Ashley Young, I am comfortable. He brings experience and a winning mentality. And he’s a nark; a few of our players need that, even if it’s on the training ground or from the side. Mention of Wayne Clarke and Kevin Campbell demonstrates how unassuming signing of experienced players can influence a squad.

    In terms of his diving, or winning fouls (take your pick), then think Richarlison or Andy Johnson who got a reputation. It’s only because they played for Everton and not Manchester United or Liverpool that they got a reputation. Mourinho publicly calling out Johnson to draw attention and have him tainted.

    United rejects? Tim Howard wasn’t too bad. Andrei Kanchelskis our last top draw signing and Phil Neville, although not the greatest footballer, gave presence and leadership. A Liverpool reserve and cast off became the best Everton footballer I’ve seen in my lifetime. Kevin Sheedy. I have no concern for where a player has been or whether they did or didn’t succeed in the past. I judge on what they do for Everton.

    Do not play 4-4-2. Just don’t. It is outdated and leaves the midfield wide open in the modern game.

    I’m hoping the MSP thing comes through soon. The stadium is taking shape. We are not a sleeping giant. We a dormant Volcano waiting to explode. Nothing is guaranteed, but we need to free ourselves from the impasse, neglect since we last won the leauge and make a fresh start. Wait until we win our next trophy. The football world and our city (it’s ours) won’t know what has hit it. Total eruption of emotion and joy.

    Meanwhile, away sections sold out for the pre-season fixtures. I’m watching daily for Fulham tickets and have even offered to sit amongst the Villa supporters with the Villa supporting wife. She doesn’t trust me.

    Marching. Spirit. Forever

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