Talking the blues, the latest on the Chair position, & an intriguing idea from George

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues when five days after the promised deadline to update on interim directors and the position of the Chairman we have heard precisely nothing from the club.

We look at the problems Moshiri faces and George comes up with an intriguing solution. Well worth a listen and a subsequent debate. We look forward to hearing your views.

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  1. Get it done. Just tell me where to sign and where the money goes, do it now!!!!

    The idea is very real and very achievable. I would happily be part of group of people who can do it it to represent NSNOW and wants change for everybody who cares about EFC.

    This demonstrates that Bill has never and will never put the club or us first. Anything to wipe the smile of his face and see him gone. It’s pure poetry that it would be real fans that see the back of him.

    We could pay the going rate for the shares and FM makes up the difference – he still wins and it still costs him less and the publicity would be amazing. Especially if it was fully supported Andy, George and MSP.

    Just give me a posh certificate to hang on the wall and I’d be a happy man.

    I think Dan Meis has commented on the capacity and whilst he accepted it could have been a little bigger his design was largely based on the footprint of the site and the demands to make it as close to Goodison in turns of atmosphere as possible. Of course, all that can be hidden behind – we can’t afford it so what what do we say to placate everybody.



  2. An intriguing idea from me is for you all to forget efc and maybe start your own team at least then you would have more control – then again, who cares, you lot are all mad

  3. I do wish the gentleman peddling the idea of 30,000 fans buying shares to get rid of Kenwright would have knocked the idea on the head very quickly. A pipe dream if ever there was one. Those shares would give the fans no say in anything the club does, and even if the scheme was announced, you’d probably end up getting about 2000 people willing to give it a go. I utterly detest Kenwright, but this idea would never, ever work.

    • Agreed – none of these fan investment ideas ever get off the ground. The only one that really worked was Steve Allinson buying a load of shares at his own cost and then selling them on to other Evertonians at zero profit to himself. A genuine blue if ever there was one!

  4. Great listen again. I love the passion but for me the current majority shareholder and possibly the new incoming investors wouldn’t entertain this idea at all. Although they may pay it lip service. If this is the stage enough people feel they are at the only true way of getting your ‘Everton’ back would be for FC Everton or whatever name the fan base choose to be born. Pandoras box was opened a long time ago and the Everton you appear to crave has long gone and isn’t coming back I’m afraid and you certainly won’t find it at BMD. If you want to help steadily improve the current team I’m afraid all you can do is continue to support the team, pay crazy money out and occasionally voice your opinions loud enough in hope that the rich people are listening.

  5. I agree with James about passion, but it gets a bit over the top, labouring on and on over the same topics. Okay, we haven’t had the promised announcement, but I don’t believe fans are getting stressed on the edge of their seat waiting for it (announcement).
    Oh and Andy, we know Paul is your brother, no need to keep saying Bro and are (our) kid.

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