Talking the Blues Podcast, the latest on investment and the interim board

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with George and Andy Costigan. We look at the feedback generated on Grandoldteam.com from George’s idea last week to crowd fund the purchase of Kenwright’s shares.

We look at the weeks events including confirmation of MSP raising $165 million, and of course all the action around the new interim board.

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  1. Bar the new investment we’ve heard all this pessimistic talk several times in many pods. I don’t disagree with a lot of it either. However, if things were as dire as the three of you see it why on earth would MSP invest now? You wouldn’t, you would either wait until it fails completely and look to pick up the pieces very cheaply or just stay away full stop. There are plenty of other clubs to invest in. I suspect MSP have done their due diligence and want a) a stake in what could be a very profitable stadium and b) knowing that even a small improvement in team performance over a season can allow them to take an awful lot of credit put them in pole position for a complete buy out.

  2. Hi fellas, a good listen as always.

    Having just returned from a weekend away watching one of my bucket list bands – Muse, I’ve done back to back podcasts. Unlike my football club Muse did not let me down and they were sensational.

    If Paul doesn’t mind I’ll take the highs and lows from both this and The Results Business. I can certainly recommend listens do both.

    What emerges from both is far more fact that educated and professional analysis so we can rely on it. I mean that in the best possible sense because there have been several twists and turns to this saga. Now, with more fact, it’s makes the educated and professional analysis that much telling than it did before.

    It strikes me we are not talking about EFC – the football club with its history, passionate fanbase and “where we’re when you witnessed that goal, that game, that trophy”. We are indeed talking about a failing business ready to be taken on and taken over by what appears to be a very decent outfit in MSP EFC Investors LP.

    The statements, the rhetoric, the back slapping going on between Moshiri and Kenwright is pretty distasteful and it’s hard to find a sensible route through all of that because there isn’t one.

    What is clear is that Moshiri is positioning himself to keep abreast of what goes on in a business he has sunk a fortune into and I can’t blame him for that. His new position on the board keeps him “In The Know” for now at least.

    What it absolutely confirms to me about Mr Kenwright, despite his blue blood, despite his days in the boys pen and despite the club he has led for over 20 yrs, is that now, right now, he just wants to get out of it with as much money as he possibly can. But, unlike Moshiri, I can point the finger at him for all the stories, all the drama and promises and all the failures during his tenure. He has made a small fortune from his time already so I for one will be glad that a share dilution will mean his current 1.3% will be worth what it should be worth and nothing more.

    What also intrigues me is that whilst it is possibly still very commercially sensitive to MSP, they have remained tight lipped. Perhaps because the i’s and the t’s haven’t been dotted and crossed. But perhaps more telling is that they are allowing this to unfold in a dignified, professional manner. In a way that does allow them to demonstrate they intend to bring a new regime, new plan and new ethos to the club. Until I hear differently, I think they are taking a very sensible and dignified step back form the Moshiri & Kenwright farce.



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