Talking the Blues, Premier League referral of Everton to independent commission

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan. Only one topic on the agenda and that is the Premier League’s referral of Everton to an independent commission re an alleged breach of profitability and sustainability rules

We analyse Everton’s position, the alleged breach, the independent commission, the possible punishment and the impact it might have on Everton Football Club


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  1. this is certainly an interesting discussion and while the outcome is not at all certain I have to ask why, why would anybody in this day and age follow what is patently a corrupt organisation? All sport is corrupt, from men entering and winning women’s competitions, to big business determining who’s going to do well and who’s not. Doesn’t anybody have ‘real’ values anymore or are you all so brainwashed you don’t care – I really do not understand.

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