Talking the Blues – where do we go from here? (Manchester City home reaction)


The league table seldom lies.

After a third successive League defeat, Andy, George and Paul try to put their finger on why exactly we as a club are not performing to the levels to be expected. Why are so many players out of form? Alongside tactics and formation, something has to change and change quickly……


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  1. Hi Paul, just finished listening to the latest podcast, enjoyable but a little depressing content due to the current demise of the team/manager I guess. Have you thought about maybe mentioning prior to the actual broadcast who ‘Andy and George’ are? I gather George has a theatrical background but it might help potential listeners to give them an idea who the contributors are?

    I agree with your comments re Silva, leaving aside his managerial ability, he cuts and looks an increasingly isolated figure, both on the touchline and in his press conferences. I listened to the recent Alan Myers podcast with Joe Royle recently. He did make the point that one of the key ‘factors’ in any strong dressing room was the ability of the manager to make player’s at least seem happy and have some level of humour. Don’t see an awful lot of humour about at Everton now or since his appointment.

    Maybe I’m being unfair but he (Silva) does come across as a little dour most of the time. Doesn’t help of course when we have the ‘darling of the press’ across the park, seemingly always happy and smiling.


  2. I’ve been to Finch Farm a few times since Silva arrived and the atmosphere, including in the last month, has always seemed buoyant.

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