Talking the Blues, time waits for nobody

Talking the Blues podcast with Andy & George Costigan. Huge range of topics to discuss this week including Calvert Lewin, our transfer budget (are we still under supervision by the Premier League?), Mental health issues in football, European football broadcasting revenues and finally as Duncan Ferguson seeks a management position away from Everton some thoughts on him leaving

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In the podcast we talked about mental health and the great work Grandoldteam forum does in supporting Evertonians and others. Should you want to talk to anyone or just read of others being helped by fellow Blues the thread can be found here

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  1. I would firmly believe there is some truth in the daily mail 43M story. Why? It was widely accepted that Levy had only offered 40M by the 29th June. Anyone who thinks he’s upped the bid to 50M plus add ons because we had to sell a day later is frankly deluded.

  2. Good morning Paul.
    When the take over first surfaced your comment on the Podcast was it won’t be the Kenyon group. Did you have in mind another consortium or just a stab in the dark? Interesting listening to your comments, I do find myself joining in, not always agreeing which makes for an interesting Podcast. Keep it going.

    • Thanks, the original thought that it would not be Kenyon came from Matt Slater and his contacts, whiwh seems to be accurate as we stand.

      • Thanks, my opinion is the club won’t be sold. Compared to Farhad Moshiri’s total business interests EFC is a small part of his portfolio. Yes money is not flowing as freely as it was but I believe he has the capacity to finish BM and fund EFC. I think he wants to cut the ribbon at BM. All guess work, unless you can shed some light. Look forward to your next Podcast.

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