Talking the Blues podcast Crystal Palace (a) FA Cup 6th round. Another one bites the dust

For the 27th successive season, Everton’s forlon and increasingly unlikely search for silverware has ended without success. Andy, George and myself look back on the game and more generally at the club.

We look at the bigger issues surrounding the club, as Lampard mentioned, the culture. We examine what has to happen, not only Premier League survival but beyond that.

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  1. Great session chaps – as always.
    One question Paul. I’ve noticed on a couple of sites (in Toffeeweb) statements to the effect that Everton’s Directors are the 3rd highest paid in the PL! Given your knowledge of the club’s finances could that be true? It sounds ridiculous – but knowing Everton nothing surprises anymore. Perhaps you could comment/mention in the next podcast?

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