Talking the Blues, Nottingham Forest (h), what are the realistic solutions for the rest of the season?

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues where George and Andy give their views on Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest.

We talk about the transfer options, where will we get 40-45 goals as a minimum this season. Does three at the back work for Everton? If we can’t change personnel what can we do tactically or stylistically? Dogs of War, be fitter? be physically superior? tactically more astute?

We try and find some answers…….

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  1. I am puzzled to hear that the only solution you seem to point to is to find new players – if for example Gomes, Gbamin, Davies, Allen etc. are still there at the end of the window – the coaching staff surely must find a way to produce a game plan that plays to the strength of the players we actually have ……

  2. “what are the realistic solutions for the rest of the season” – stop supporting them and get a life! – you are all totally delusional

  3. Well Paul, I think you make great conribution to the cause but looking at the team playing non league team tonight and it beggars beliief that Lampard knows what he’s doing nevermind the club – I couldn’t listen to all your podcast because i feel that I cannot connect with something so lunatic – you people have to be mental to even talk about it all the time. it is lunacy

  4. I see there has been a fair amount of criticism to this pod, mainly on twitter. For me it’s a fair discussion but it was at least 30mins too long, going round the houses, moaning and discussing other teams. Best point yes defence is better and that had to be the starting point and goals are so important. A goalscoring incoming or emerging is vital. The midfielders that we can’t sell will eventually be out of contract and Gordon going is neither here or there for me, better young lads are coming through. We are at the start of Franks build, there is quality throughout that team and what we all need now is patience. Anything above 15th will be success. We will improve with him as manager, in time

  5. hey ya’all dont have to worry no more

    “Everton has secured award-winning fashion experts Marc Darcy as the Club’s official formal wear partner” (offical site)

    These guys will be playing centre forwrad on saturday – no worries, welcome Mark Darcy

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