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Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan. On a desperately disappointing day for Evertonians, our two Salfordonian blues relive their worst nightmare, a less than competitive visit to Old Trafford. All the usual stuff with a few laughs thrown in…..

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  1. What a shambles of a club we’ve become and to hope we can win 3 of our last 8 games when we’ve only won 6 all season is totally unrealistic. I go to all our away games and it’s got to the stage where we just hope we can just grab a point here and there. The days of going away with a realistic chance of winning, against any club, is a distant memory.
    In relation to Godfrey I think he’s a very poor footballer. OK, he’s athletic and pacey but he has a total lack of awareness of where his opponent (and often the ball) is and United had obviously done their homework. I’m just surprised he wasn’t subbed before half time. We were totally exposed on that flank.
    The level of where we are at is walking away from the game thinking we’d ‘got away’ with only being beaten 2-0. Our half time feeling was amazement that if wasn’t 4 or 5 nil and if it wasn’t for Pickford and the post it could easily have been and United wouldn’t have been flattered.
    I go back to 1958 and we weren’t great shakes then but I think the current squad is probably the worst in my time. As you say, the depressing thing is there’s little prospect of improvement any time soon.

  2. Afternoon fellas,
    I’m just making points as I listen here.
    When Moshiri joined us he talked about EFC no longer being a museum and we needed to change.

    This is exactly why we bought into him because we all knew what he meant. Fast forward 6 years and that approach has had several false mini dawns, several new mini starts and several mini restarts which have all fallen flat on their face and miserably.

    To the point where the very fabric, the history and our position as a leading force in English football has gone. How desperate that sounds, how accepting have we become of a second rate, second string club. And we cannot deny it, must accept it and must do everything we can collectively do to bring about change.

    I thought Coleman’s mistake in a period where EFC were doing ok without ever challenging their goal or looking like scoring was acceptable. Acceptable that we had made the tactical changes, stopped the flow of opportunities and were ok. OK, has become acceptable? I think it has. Then the mistake comes and we accept that too. That’s not having a go at Seamus – he’s had a very decent season.

    That midfield is the sum of its parts. Remove a part and you remove the sum of them. To not have a 4th option off the bench is dreadful. Tom, he just isn’t good enough. Several years and several managers later he is no closer to Pirlo (his once favourite player), than I am.

    Garner can’t perform that role, he isn’t that sort of player. I’m not sure what sort of player he is yet but that’s up to Dyche to find the answer.

    Already feels like just that and we are preparing for another relegation battle unless the currently high performing Tom Cannon can come back from a great loan with Preston and hit the ground running. We haven’t got the investment, we haven’t got the goals in us, we haven’t got the squad to cope.

    This stand off, this us and them, this “coming soon” and never does is unforgivable and we are going around in ever decreasing circles like a sink of dirty water and the plug hole is getting closer by the game.

    Something has to give and give quickly. According to Moshiri – The light is at the end of the tunnel so we need to illuminate that tunnel and we all need to see some real progress NOW.

    My best google search for the Latin translation NOTHING BUT THE WORST HAS BECOME ACCEPTABLE.

    Nihil nisei pessimus cactus est gratum – doesn’t have the same ring to it but might well be more accurate.

    PS Ex players – Andy Hinchcliffe – said of Crystal Palace “they have Everton and Southampton coming up so they will have no issue playing like this. Sums it up.

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