Talking the Blues podcast, Spurs (h) & what it means to be a Blue

Welcome to the post Spurs match Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan.24 hours on from the Spurs game we chat though the match, talk a lot about Sean Dyche before turning our focus on what is special about being an Evertonian and the incredible role match going fans play at keeping Goodison the greatest footballing cathedral in English football.

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  1. I’ve been saying all season, when Keane was on the bench, that when we were chasing a game (most games this season) it’d be worth throwing Keane on to play up front, ala Mick Lyons. He certainly has a good shot in him.

  2. One thing that’s not been pointed out is Doucores height. Yes, he shouldn’t have put his hand in kanes face, but when challenged, whether it’s on purpose or to defend himself, his hands are coming fairy high up on anyone. I genuinely think there was a case for them getting yellows on Mon night. Kane instigated everything that happened. Doucores’ involvement was handbags, nothing more.

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