Talking the Blues Podcast, Fulham (H), why we’ve not done transfer business and change of ownership update

Welcome back to the first episode of Talking the Blues for the 2023/24 season with George and Andy Costigan.

We look back on the opening game of the season and the mature response of the Goodison faithful to what was a disappointing result. A defeat on the opening home game of the season means that only once in our history at Goodison have we gone through a League season undefeated at home (1962/63)

We look at why we haven’t done transfer business earlier in the pre-season, what it says about the club, but most importantly how badly it reflects on the owners and leadership.

We examine in detail the likely reasons Moshiri has not concluded his sale of the club and ask will he execute any greater care in selling than he has running Everton?

On a personal note, thank you all so much for the care and support you have offered me during my recent medical issues – it is hugely appreciated, thank you all!

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  1. Hi fellas,
    I have mixed thoughts about much of what’s going on right now with MSP, 777 and the club.

    I’ve spent a lifetime doing what I would call “research”on what’s fact and what not fact and interpreting the findings, which is why I find the current position most frustrating. There are few hard facts to go on.

    I had a conversation with Paul several weeks ago regarding the delays to the MSP deal and whilst I could or would never dream to claim to be In The Know, it was clear then Moshiri was weighing up options that would see him recover the best for him. He cares not a jot about the club or where it ends up. His only concern now is how much can he get out of it and that any new prospective owner has to pass the woefully poor Due Diligence process to own a football club because that will determine who he can sell to.

    Like most, I have a perhaps limited view of 777 but the very name doesn’t fill me will joy. It smacks of a gamble and pot luck and that’s the exact opposite of what we need right now. The available information on them does not make good reading!! I have to assume they would fail any DD test 🤞.

    We need a proven recovery plan with steady and reliable owners. MSP seemed and seems to offer that so I am going to keep a few eggs in their basket and speculate they are seeking a way to speed up their own acquisition of our club in full. 🤞🤞🤞

    But I am also going to make some positive comment on the current state of EFC’s commercial output away from buying and selling of players. The Brighton HA model model works a dream and we must adopt it and it looks like we are trying.

    Any other improvement is directly tied into the success of the team – there is no doubting that. So, as the team improves, so will the possibilities to increase sponsorship and revenue streams.

    In the meantime, the club has to squeeze and squeeze hard. All of this against the current backdrop must be proving a mighty hard task and akin to getting blood from a stone. But, with 18 months or so before a move to BMD, it is right the club is focusing on that and I think they are. I’ve seen the plans for “packages” – the bars, restaurants and so on, and I think we have to applaud those poor staff who have clearly done and are doing a fantastic job of it. It all looks very promising and gives the appearance of being very lucrative. It seems the plans for the average match fans will also be catered for so again, it looks positive. The missing factor being what a new season ticket will cost!

    Paul rightly, as he always has done, acknowledges the club has cut its operating costs and we are probably running in the black….ish. That has come at a cost and we are likely to see that continue for a couple of seasons – this is the reality.

    Walking that very tight fine line between relative success (for now, I put that at staying in the PL until we move to BMD), and exploiting and improving the revenue streams has in my humble opinion started in real terms and the road to recovery is there in front of us.

    But all that is at risk if we don’t secure the right owners who may be tempted to asset strip, sell the stadium under our feet and not invest in the team and it is the team that remains the fans concern.

    Success breeds success on and off the pitch. We’ve been in the dark far too long, we really need to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Finally, Best wishes to Paul.
    I hope he has a full and speedy recovery. Great to have you back on the air even though I do have to lock the knife draw before I turn it on 😂🤣😂.



    • Keith, as always I read your comments in the knowledge they come from not only a true blue but someone who speaks from experience of similar dealings elsewhere. Thank you for your best wishes. I have been very fortunate although much of that is down to the skill and dedication of the medical staff and emergency services

  2. Paul, as a listener over the last few seasons very sorry to hear about your Strokes. Great to hear the podcast back. Best wishes and here’s to better days.

  3. Paul you start to talk about the new ground and it’s possible new owner. Surely you like I are aware that Mr Moshiri is the owner of the new ground. I realise that Mr Moshiri is trying to unload the club but from what I’ve heard about Mr Moshiri is he intends to keep the ground due to the future money raising prospective. Now I’m sure you will be able to look into this matter and be able to come back to me and put me in my place or say “hey Phill your correct” .
    Yours thankfully,
    Phill Butler. (BigFatGrandad)

  4. I honestly have to say, I have absolutely nothing to say about this club, its management and its supporters – none of you are prepared to see what is plainly obvious and lunacy does not cover the detail

  5. Just a question for you:

    Wouldn’t it been better for the clubs finances to not own a part of the Stadium company during the build, but rather have a obligation to buy it when the stadium was finished?

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