Fan Advisory Board “X space” 31 August

Everton’s Fan Advisory Board held its first “Space” on 31st August. The Space was largely an information and profile raising exercise by the Fan Advisory Board and it should be applauded as an effort to raise awareness of its work and the challenges it faces in dealing with Everton’s owner Farhad Moshiri and its Board of Directors.

The recording of the entire space can be found here

Towards the end of the Space I asked as to what plans the Fan Advisory Board had with regards to the very real and immediate threats the club currently faces financially and in terms of its ownership and leadership. As you will hear below I received a strange response, at times inaccurate, which personally I don’t think reflects the thoughts of the fan base nor reflects the very real and present needs of the club.

This clip is 12 minutes long.

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  1. It was coming up for 1am when those claims were made. I’m quite disappointed that other members of the FAB didn’t step in and correct the points Ken was making. They were being presented as fact by a FAB member, very odd.

    Leveraged buyouts, asset stripping? Nonsense.

    To be honest, I think it was pretty damaging segment at the end of what had been a pretty decent space. They (the FAB) need to discuss internally ahead of the next ine and agree to only deal in fact. One person meant the FAB as a whole lost a bit of credibility last night.

  2. It shows the almost irrelevance of the FAB when one of its members simply doesn’t understand what a venture capitalist is, or isn’t. So much ignorance. They also appear to be at a loss as to what they can do to demand more transparency from Moshiri. If they don’t act as a catalyst for co-ordinating supporters’ demands, they have no purpose whatsoever, no matter their good intentions.

  3. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the FB is as good (bad) as the EFC Board, current and previous. I didn’t hear anything that made sense.

  4. Embarrassing views from Ken who had nothing of value to say.
    “Don’t protest as there’s no point, the CEO does what he wants and will sell what he wants”.
    “Spend your money, go the game, sit there and shut your mouth” Absolute bollocks, this is not an ‘ordinary business’ and of course public opinion can influence the owners.

  5. You made your points eloquently as ever Paul and clearly they went right over Kenny’s head, so much animosity from him as well, what’s he doing on the FAB ?
    It’s clear to me that the credible business world do not want to get into bed with a couple of shysters.
    The only solution is for them to sell lock stock and now the deals for Man United have fallen through surely there is some scope there ?

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