Talking the Blues, silence is golden?

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast with George and Andy Costigan.

We talk about communiciations, the effect of the season on fans, we talk about the silence from the board, Chair and owner since the great escape. We highlight Adam Jones’ article in the Liverpool Echo asking why there has been no communication. We also look at the results of the Grandoldteam survey .

In addition we talk about the “Everton way” before commenting on the upcoming tour of the US and the potential for merchandise to be available.

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  1. As Bill K doesn’t seem interested in joining the podcast, why not ask the BBC’s Phil McNulty? One of the BBC’s senior football correspondents he’s well qualified to talk about the Liverpool Echo (as he used to work for them or the Daily Post)?

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on behalf of us fans located outside of England. Those of us in the states, for example, love this club so much and are willing to get up at the crack of dawn to watch Everton on the
    TV. The fact that this is met by the club not putting out shirts in time for the US tour is unthinkable. I want others to see more Everton gear around and for the fanbase to continue to grow, but the club has a long way to go before it is as engaged as it should be.

    • Thank you James. We 100% appreciate the effort of fans around the globe & wish the club did more to reward and encourage you.

  3. I see Phil McNulty did comment on Twitter about the Everton hierarchy patting themselves on the back. Either Phil already listens to the podcast or he is thinking along similar lines – thus would make an interesting guest. Come on Paul – make it happen!

  4. Enjoyed the podcast it is great to hear people who have an actual understanding of what’s going on at the club I retired from the club 3 years ago and though still the chairman of the EFPF and now happily retired in Spain it is sad to see the general overall decline in the club .I watch all of Everton’s games here live in Spain and follow the Social Media outlets such as Toffee TV and enjoy them the problem I feel is that the vast majority of Fans have no understanding how a PL Club or football club in general works and how there actually run I feel that the decline in the club started even before Moshiri came on board with his investment I used to wonder why have the club and the community department employed certain people in roles that they couldn’t for fill virtually set up to fail from the start last season has seen the final culmination of all these mistakes like yourself I have been both a supporter and employee of the club for a combined 60 years and it grieves me to see where we are at the present moment

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