Talking the Blues podcast, Lampard departure, managerial selection & Dean Dyche

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy and George Costigan in which we look back at week that saw the departure of Frank Lampard and his team, a near invasion of Argentinian forces under Bielsa, before today’s announcement of Sean Dyche as manager.

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  1. Honestly … if you are all happy colluding with the corruption that is Everton fc then you can have it … I’m outta her … and hopefully EFC will go to the wall because that’s all they deserve … you have no principles

  2. you really dont see the big picture do you??? maybe you are not interested or you are too shallow – who knows????????????????

  3. Looks like George called it right – no incoming players, with the money from the sale of Gordon and the two reserve players used to improve next year’s accounts. Meanwhile all other clubs threatened with relegation bring in at least 3 players each. I believe the term Margaret Thatcher used to describe what we are witnessing was “managed decline”.

  4. what was that song – peter sellers or the goons – goodbye, goodbye, we’re leaving you goodbye … ??? how anyone can support this shambles is anyone’s guess – if you were real fans you would stay away … but you are all mind controlled … dont give a fck anymore … goodbye

  5. Just an editorial issue, in the title of the podcast, you’ve called our current manager ‘Dean Dyche’, no matter that you use his photo as your online Avatar Paul, that is something very telling about our need for a striker… Come back Mr. Dean, all is forgiven!
    Does anybody know how to raise the dead?

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