Talking the Blues podcast, post transfer window, what do we do next?

Welcome to a post transfer window Talking the Blues with Andy Costigan and his brother George. We each have our say on the window before analysing the real reasons behind our failure to recruit anyone. We then turn our attention to how we get the club moving in the right direction, what the fans have to do to get Moshiri to take the actions required.

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  1. If there is one positive to come out of zero new signings, it is that the fans are now united against the board and are 100% behind the manager. And Dyche, unlike Lampard, will not use the lack of new players or the issues around the club as an excuse. It’s going to a roller-coaster 18 games, but I think the fans now feel totally up for it. COYB

  2. Enjoyed that fellas.

    I’m going to make some points without massive details so forgive me;

    Like the idea of the support theme rather than protest ✅

    I still think we have to unite the groups behind FAB because we have to play FM at his own game and make FAB the point of a very sharp spear that is the fanbase. Having attended one of the zoom meetings I don’t understand the reluctance to do this and it strikes me that there are some huge egos at play in who has done and should do what or take centre stage etc.

    I have a very old fashioned idea!
    If we could agree on some points I would encourage the groups to type a letter with a few tight and well presented points which can be signed by the fans. Print that letter X 2 (or more), take them to the next match and leave it on your seat after the game and share the others out so we get maximum distribution. The letter should be addressed to FM marked private & confidential. Tell the club that’s what we intend to do.

    Now I know this would be open to abuse which is why I would encourage responsible fans to take this action. I know it comes with risks of abuse. Make the same letter available via sm platforms which can be sent to the club via the platforms.
    If we could get match going fans to do it I think the impact would be enormous and difficult to rebuke. We all know what the sm platforms can be like and I think it’s easier for the club to dismiss them as radical or not real fans etc.

    The example Paul used regarding Berlin not signing ISCO, and the very clear statement they made after the deal fell through, should be used as a direct example of fan engagement and communication to FM.

    Finally, all of the theories regarding FM, the AG money and future risk/reward strategies that he may be weighing up make absolute sense. The sooner MSP/Deloitte get on board fully the sooner FM has another qualified voice (and a board member), that can show him what needs to be done. I am convinced this will be the trigger to see Bill leave the club.

    Now to be controversial!!
    I didn’t get on board in the early days because I couldn’t understand what “sack the board” actually meant. BK is a no brainier now and was then too. There is a collective responsibility shared amongst them all, this I knew and see more clearly now but I’m not convinced that it does need the entire board sacking. Now, we have some information via FM and I am prepared to consider this point again.

    FM singled DBB out for praise in the FAB interview and I have seen some of the initial work done to encourage new commercial ventures and resources for BMD – they look very impressive.

    I STRESS THAT I AM RELYING ON HIS WORDS. If DBB has been responsible for the BMD project, has played a major role in securing the deal described by FM (in all it’s wonder), then given the situation she inherited, given the lack of on field success to attract new lucrative commercial deals, and given that SOME deals have now been secured I am not convinced she needs sacking. With more clarity and transparency around her role, I would not be insisting on her resigning. There also has to be some honesty around the headlock incident OR she remains as culpable as the rest.

    I will pause for the abuse😣

    Thanks again



  3. At what point are you guys gonna get real???
    Have any of you seen this??

    Once upon a time a teacher who was concerned at the privatisation of schools … decided to put in a FOI to
    over them opening up a free school… getting £3 Million off the government for running it! 1/4
    Robert Daniels
    The CEO at the time was DBB before Headlockgate, anyway the club didn’t take kindly to the teacher asking awkward questions… DBB then made an accusation against the teacher… saying he had been aggressive towards staff at the club and
    EFC People’s Group Retweeted
    Robert Daniels
    The accusation resulted in the teacher having his season ticket removed and police at his door arresting him, and possibly leaving him with a criminal record. It was proven to be all lies and his season ticket was returned and all charges dropped.. together with an apology .

    link: https://twitter.com/billyliar9/status/1621295916555673601?cxt=HHwWgoC94fmCgIAtAAAA

    In the full knowledge that this club is corrupt, has been infiltrated by anti-democratic forces and now abuses its fans for fun – how can anybody still support ‘the team’ FFS about time reality confrontation happened here – do you wish to continually be collaborators????

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